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Amazon Wish List Updates

This article breaks down all the Amazon Wish List updates and what’s new this year.

The Amazon Wish List is a tool from Amazon for curating gifts that you would like for yourself for different occasions throughout the year.

The Amazon Wish List is also a good way for someone gift shopping to get an idea of your favorites, and the best gift for you.

How to Find Someone’s Wish List on Amazon covers everything you need to know to locate a Wish List on Amazon as well as how to create your own Amazon Wish List.

Amazon Wish List Updates 2021

The recommendations and directions in that article haven’t changed but Amazon has updated the names a little plus additional ways to find and create a list so you don’t get lost.

You might also find FAQs About Amazon Wish Lists useful.

If you have any additional questions after reading, drop them in the comments section and I’ll update the article.

Amazon Wish List Name Update

Wish has been dropped from the name and it’s just “List” now. When you click on “Create a List,” the backend displays as lists, and the term “Wish List” is no longer used but the format for locating and creating a list hasn’t changed.

This doesn’t apply to all countries. In some countries, it’s still known as Amazon Wish List.

Finding an Amazon Wish List

The recommendations in How to Find Someone’s Wish List on Amazon remain the same.

However, in addition to that, you can now find a gift list for a birthday, holiday, or just a custom gift list.

Head over to the “Custom Gift List” HERE and enter the name of the person who created the list.

Amazon Custom Gift List

If the gift list is set to public then it will show up. Should you not be able to find the list, you can choose the state the person is located in and the date range the Amazon custom gift list would have been created.

Find a Custom Gift List on Amazon

If the information still doesn’t show up, then the Amazon custom gift list might be under another name you’re not privy to, or it’s not public.

In this case, you will have to send an email requesting a link to the custom gift list as mentioned HERE.

Note, this custom gift list only applies to Amazon US accounts. If your Amazon account is located in other countries, then it likely won’t apply.

How to Create Amazon Custom Gift List

Step 1

You can create an Amazon custom gift list the traditional way in your Amazon dashboard or head over to the custom gift list page HERE and click “Create a Custom Gift List.”

Create Amazon Custom Gift List Step 1

Step 2

Enter your name, the name of your gift list, event date, the US state where the event will take place, and the address to ship gifts to.

You also need to set the privacy of the Amazon custom gift list to:-

  • Public – anyone can find it with your name
  • Shareable – only people with a link to the list will be able to find it.
  • Private – no one except you will be able to find the custom gift list.
  • Once all details are complete, click on the button at the bottom of the page to create the custom gift list.
Create Amazon Custom Gift List Step 2

Step 3

Once the list is created, you can start adding items to your custom wish list.

You can toggle the arrow in the top right corner to change the gift list privacy at any time.

Under that arrow, there are options to copy the link to the list, email the list, or share the link on Facebook, Twitter on Pinterest.

Create Amazon Custom Gift List Step 3

Remember to change the gift list option to shareable before you do this otherwise, the links won’t work.

When you find something you like on Amazon, click “Add to Registry & Gifting” button and add it to the gift list you created

Once an item is purchased from your list, the “Thank You List” page displays what gifts have been purchased, information on the gifter, tracking details, and a link to return or replace any item.

Thank you for Amazon Custom Gift List

Making Changes to Amazon Custom Gift List

To make changes, head over to the settings page where you can update name, dates, list name, address, and privacy.

You can also delete the gift list on this page.

You can toggle “Your Custom Gift Lists” at the top of the page to find a particular custom gift list or view all the custom gift lists you’ve created.

Making Changes to Amazon Custom Gift List

Note, this doesn’t apply to Amazon accounts in all countries so it depends on your location.

You can also create an Amazon Holiday Gift List for the holidays or a Birthday Gift List for your child.  The process is the same as outlined above.

And that’s about it for Amazon Custom Gift Lists. If you have any more questions, drop them in the comments section below.

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