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How to Celebrate Star Wars Day

With the tag line, “May the Fourth Be With You,” Star Wars Day isn’t far away.

Officially celebrated on May 4, it has grown to become a day for fans to celebrate their love for the Star Wars franchise. 

How do you celebrate Star Wars day? How do you help the Star Wars fan in your life celebrate Star Wars day? Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.

Below are 13 ideas to celebrate May the Fourth activities. These ideas also work if you’re trying to find a gift for a Star Wars fanatic.

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13 Star Wars Day Celebration Gift Ideas

13 Star Wars Day Celebration Gift Ideas

1. Star Wars Blueray Set

Star Wars- Trilogy - Episodes I-III

Have a binge-watch (over 20 hours) of the entire series. You can order the entire collectors Blu-ray + DVD box set at the below links:-

Star Wars- Trilogy - Episodes IV-VI

2. Star Wars Cover Home for Your Passport

Star Wars day Passport Cover

This gorgeous Star Wars passport cover is made from birch tree and the best quality vegan leather. You can choose from 3 wood colors and 6 leather options.

The passport is fastened with leather bumpers. See more about the passport cover HERE.

3. Star Wars Inspired Minimalist Poster Set

Star Wars day Inspired Minimalist Poster Set

This minimalist Star Wars poster set is inspired by the trilogy and is available with or without the name of the movie.

The set is available in 3 sizes so if you have a smaller living space, this is perfect. See more about the set and buy HERE.

4. Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

This is a great idea for the enthusiastic baker who is also a Star Wars fan.

This 4 piece set contains 2 stainless steel cookie cutters, 1 silicone whisk, and 1 silicone spatula. See more about the Star Wars cookie cutter set and buy HERE.

5. Star Wars Skirt

Star Wars day Skirts

This skater skirt is made with cotton fabric with a gathered waistband and displays various Star Wars characters.

This skirt is available in XS all the way to 4X. See the various options and buy HERE.

6. Star Wars Vinyl Record Wall Clock

Star Wars day Vinyl Record

Practical meets vintage in this wall clock, which is set on a used vinyl record with some favorite Star Wars characters. See the vinyl record wall clock and buy HERE.

7. Star Wars Custom Spoon

Star Wars Custom Spoon

Custom spoons available in many different sizes and sets. You can customize and mix and match sets as well.

Free box and free shipping included. Check out the custom spoon set and buy HERE.

8. Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set

Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set

This decanter set for the whiskey aficionado contains decanters and glasses for whisky which can be customized.

You can also buy the box separately or the decanters and glasses separately. A personal message can also be added. See the variety of options HERE.

9. Star Wars Concrete Planters Set

Star Wars Concrete Planters Set

Set of 3 planters in the shape of a concrete death star, a concrete millennium falcon, and a concrete R2D2, which also includes an air plant.

Minimal maintenance required. See more about the planters set and buy HERE.

10. Star Wars Drawer Knobs

Star Wars Drawer Knobs

Cute death star cabinet or drawer knobs. An ideal gift for a star wars fanatic. The knob is made of metal with a pewter finish.

Order 1 piece or a set for different doors. Also available in a brass version. See more about the death start knobs and buy HERE.

11. Princess Leia Star Wars Bikini

Princess Leia Star Wars Bikini

Bring out the warrior princess and the sexy in you with this Princess Leia bikini. Handmade to perfection in Barcelona.

Available in various sizes. Click the link for more information and to buy the Princess Leia bikini HERE.

12. Star Wars Light Saber Couples Key Chain

Star Wars Light Saber Couples Key Chain

Couples keychain engraved with Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker themed messages.

The keychains also have lightsabers attached – blue and pink but other colors are available.

Engraving can be on one side or both sides. See more about the keychains and buy HERE.

13. The Fourth Be With You Star Wars Day File for Tee

The Fourth Be With You Star Wars Day File for Tee

This unique item is a downloadable file that you can print on any tee of your choice.

Lots of possibilities here. You will receive the high-resolution file in 4 different formats – EPS, SVG, DXF, and PNG.

If you’d rather just buy a shirt with the text already printed on it, you can check out this option HERE

I hope you found something to make Star Wars day awesome this year or at any time of the year, really.

May the Fourth Be With You!

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