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Spooky Halloween Bath Bomb Ideas

Make Halloween night even spookier this year with these 19 Halloween bath bomb ideas. They work for Halloween as well as a gift for a lover of all things spooky.

Everybody loves a fizzy bath bomb. It provides a relaxing and calming experience not to mention loads of fun.

Make Halloween even more uncanny with these spooky and scary Halloween bath bomb selections.

There’s also something for the kids with a surprise toy inside each Halloween bath bomb.

This is a follow-up to The Ultimate Online Halloween Shopping Guide which shares tons of shopping ideas to make Halloween awesome this year.

Best Spooky and Scary Halloween Bath Bomb Ideas

19 Spooky Halloween Bath Bomb Ideas

All the Halloween bath bomb ideas recommended below are crafted with skin-friendly ingredients that are safe to use for kids and adults.

19. Cauldron Halloween Bath Bomb 

Cauldron Bath Bomb

This Cauldron Bath Bomb is perfect for the lover of all things witchy and is a great upgrade to a spooky bath this Halloween.

The Halloween Cauldron Bath Bomb is available in 7 colors and each one has its own unique fragrance.

Each bath bomb is individually wrapped and labeled too! BUY HERE.

18. Halloween Mummy Bath Bomb 

Halloween Mummy Bath Bomb

If you are looking for a cruelty-free bath bomb, this vegan mummy bath bomb is the perfect grab for you.

The mummy bath bomb is handcrafted with high-quality ingredients and is available gift-wrapped.

Contact the seller if you want a large quantity of these Halloween mummy bath bombs. BUY HERE.

17. Halloween Shark Bath Bomb 

Halloween Shark Bath Bomb

Immerse yourself in a shark attack while taking a bath with this Shark Bath Bomb!

Prepare for a pleasant surprise when you place a bath bomb in your hand and hover just under the surface of the water.

The bath bomb blooms into the blood flowing from the shark’s mouth as it dissolves.

Kids and adults alike are going to love this Halloween bath bomb. BUY HERE.

16. Bubbling Cauldron Halloween Bath Bomb 

Bubbling Cauldron Halloween Bath Bomb

This adorable Bubbling Cauldron Bath Bomb is available in 15 scents and topped with ghosts or witches ’ legs.

If you’re hosting a Halloween get-together, these make a perfect addition to the favor bags too.

These Halloween bath bombs are also infused with organic shea butter, organic clay, and silk peptides to provide maximum moisture. BUY HERE.

15. Ouija Board Planchette Halloween Bath Bomb 

Ouija Board Planchette Bath Bomb

This thrilling bath bomb in the form of a spooky Ouija board contains a mix of scents the creator refers to as “dark kiss.”

Enriched with coconut oil and apricot oil for a silky and moisturizing bath. BUY HERE.

14. Halloween Donut Bath Bomb 

Halloween Donut Bath Bomb

A yummy-looking Halloween bath bomb, this donut is custom blended with pumpkin, apples, nutmeg, and cinnamon scents.

Looks and smells good enough to eat. A cute little ghost rounds off this Halloween bath bomb. BUY HERE.

13. Halloween Bath Bomb Set 

Halloween bath bombs set

A delightful selection of bath bombs in various designs – 1 bleeding skull bath bomb, 1 tombstone bath bomb and 2 rose bath bombs.

The items come nestled in spooky crinkle paper and ships free. BUY HERE.

Save 20% off PLUS free shipping on your first shipment of a 3+ month subscription on these Halloween boxes with code MONSTERMASH

12. Halloween Bath Bombs with Surprise Toy 

Halloween Bath Bombs with Surprise Toy

The kids are going to love these Halloween bath bombs.

Each one has a surprise toy nestled within so your little one has a surprise waiting for them at the end of bath time!

The toys featured include 8 figurines in 8 different jobs including a pilot, nurse, and chef.

Handmade with naturally derived ingredients and available in assorted scents. BUY HERE.

11. Skull Cauldron Halloween Bath Bomb 

Skull Cauldron Halloween Bath Bomb

How spooky and adorable is this skull cauldron Halloween bath bomb?

This bath bomb is handcrafted with deep sea salts and is gentle enough for use on the face and skin. BUY HERE.

10. Halloween Vampire Lips Bath Bomb 

Vampire Lips Bath Bomb

This vampire lips bath bomb is inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and brings out the fangs at bath time.

The bath bomb is made from all-natural ingredients and has a relaxing scent. It’s hand-painted in warm fall colors. BUY HERE.

9. Slasher Bath Bomb Set 

Slasher Bath Bomb Set

This slasher bath bomb set is so amazingly gory. A collection of the scariest slashers ever put on camera.

An optional slasher body oil is available as well. The set contains 4 horror characters. BUY HERE.

8. Jack Skellington Halloween Bath Bomb 

Jack Skellington Bath Bomb

Bring the nightmare on Halloween alive with this Jack Skellington bath bomb

Each bath bomb is vegan and scented with peach raspberry lemonade. BUY HERE.

7. Ooopsy Ghost Bath Bomb 

Ooopsy Ghost Bath Bomb

This color-changing ghost bath bomb looks delicious enough to eat! Smells awesome too in a vanilla pumpkin marshmallow scent.

Each bath bomb is individually tagged. Free shipping over $75 orders available. BUY HERE.

6. Skull Halloween Bath Bomb Gift Box 

Skull Halloween Gift Box

The creator refers to this Halloween compilation as a “You’ve Been Booed,” gift box!

The gift set includes a glittery skull bath bomb, skull face mask, gothic bath salts, charcoal black soap, and a skeleton scrunchie.

The gift is shipped in a black box and the items are nestled within burgundy/purple crinkle paper. BUY HERE.

5. Halloween Bath Bomb Set – Pumpkin, Skeleton & Witch Jar 

Halloween Bath Bombs Set - Pumpkin, Skeleton & Witch Jar

This Halloween bath bomb set is specially designed for kids and fun-loving adults.

The set contains 3 bath bombs in a skull, a pumpkin, and a witch jar that doubles as a decorative piece.

Made with natural ingredients and lavender and rose-scented. BUY HERE.

4. The Boneyard Cupcake Bath Bomb 

The Boneyard Cupcake Bath Bomb

This is a 3 in 1 Halloween bath bomb for the ultimate spooky bath. It has bubble frosting, soap and is also a bath bomb.

Once the bath bomb has melted, the skull floats in the red water. Scented with blueberry pumpkin waffles. BUY HERE.

3. Spooky Halloween Bath Bombs for Kids with Squishy Toys Inside 

Spooky Bubble Bath Bombs for Kids with Squishy Toys Inside

This bubble bath bomb set is all spooky, scary fun, and leaves skin soft, moisturized, and smelling awesome.

Your kids will love the colorful scented bubble water, and the surprise squishy toy inside each bath bomb.

Each bath bomb is individually wrapped and comes in a range of colors. BUY HERE.

2. Dark & Twisty Skull Bath Bomb 

Dark & Twisty Skull Bath Bomb

Floating, turning, foaming, fizzing, and bubbles are characteristics of this uncanny skull bath bomb.

The skull bath bomb is available in 19 colors and fragrances. The red skull bath bomb is particularly spectacular! BUY HERE.

1. Skull Spa Gift Box Set 

Skull Spa Gift Box Set

I saved the best for first with this delightful Skull Spa gift box. In addition to the skull bath bomb, it also contains a skull candle and black bath salts.

This is the Halloween gift box for the dark souls. It’s available in 4 scents plus free shipping. BUY HERE.

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Halloween Bath Bomb Ideas Round-up

Below is a round-up of all the Halloween bath bomb ideas recommended in this article for easy reference:-

Happy Halloween!

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