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20 Plus Monogrammed Baby Gift Ideas

Monogrammed baby gifts are unique and gorgeous. They are a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new addition to the family.

This article will share some of the best monogrammed baby gifts with a touch of uniqueness.

The recommendations will be from one of my favorite small business sites in support of independent creators.

Before we get started, be sure to download the free digital gift organizers to help you take notes while reading. More HERE.

20 Plus Monogrammed Baby Gift Ideas

What Are the Best Monogrammed Baby Gifts?

1. Monogrammed Baby Girl Book

This beautiful baby book designed especially for girls has a minimalistic touch. It’s a great way to document precious baby moments and milestones.

The baby book has 64 pages, is printed on high-quality matte paper, and finished with spiral binding.

The baby’s name and initials are embossed on the pink polka-dotted cover. LEARN MORE HERE.

2. 2-Piece Monogrammed Baby Blanket

Adorable matching set of blanket and security blanket with the baby’s name embroidered on the set.

The plush fleece set is available in different styles with different animals with 49 color options. LEARN MORE HERE.

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3. Boho Birth Stats Print

This beautiful floral watercolor print brightens up any nursery. It can be personalized with the baby’s name, initials, birth details, and size.

It can be printed and framed at home or you can take it to a local print store. LEARN MORE HERE.

4. Burp Cloth Set

This burp cloth set is made out of organic cotton and personalized with embroidered name and stick figures.

It is perfect for a baby boy. Font type and colors can be customized as well. LEARN MORE HERE.

5. Engraved Baby Spoon

This baby spoon is made from stainless steel. It can be monogrammed with the baby’s initials on the handle.

Buy a set to complement each other. You can choose from different font types as well. LEARN MORE HERE.

6. Honey Bee Nursery Art Print Set

This art print set comes in a set of 3 and is perfect for any nursery. The set includes a cute quote, baby’s initial and relevant image.

Will be perfect just above the crib or changing table. LEARN MORE HERE.

7. Knit Sunsuit Bubble

Classic baby romper available in navy, light blue, pink, and rosebud print. The romper can be monogrammed with the baby’s full name or initials.

Different font and embroidery color options are also available. LEARN MORE HERE.

8. Monogrammed Pacifier Holder

This pacifier holder can be monogrammed with the baby’s first name. It comes with a bow for girls and no bow for boys.

You can pair this with the monogrammed pacifier below. LEARN MORE HERE.

9. Monogrammed Pacifier

Brand name – AVENT – pacifiers personalized with baby’s first name. The pacifier is available in 12 different color combinations.

No chance of this getting accidentally swapped in the nursery. LEARN MORE HERE.

10. Monogrammed Baby Afghan

This perfectly cute baby afghan is made out of acrylic yarn and personalized with the baby’s first name.

Over 20 color combination options available. The afghan is machine washable and dryable. LEARN MORE HERE.

11. Monogrammed Baby Chunky Knit Toque

This handy knit chunky toque is finished off with an adorable pom-pom. It is personalized with the baby’s initial.

Over 20 color options possible plus you can request a different color if you don’t see what you like. LEARN MORE HERE.

12. Monogrammed Baby Bloomers

This monogrammed baby bloomers are just the bee’s knees with its embroidered message.

If you would like a different message embroidered, you can contact the seller. LEARN MORE HERE.

13. Monogrammed Baby Onesie

This unisex baby onesie can be personalized with the baby’s name inside an attractive leaf design.

It is available in grey with mint or grey with pink. LEARN MORE HERE.

14. Monogrammed Baby Booties

These baby booties are made out of leather with a soft suede sole for babies up to 24 months.

There are a variety of customization options and embroidery fonts and colors available. LEARN MORE HERE.

15. Personalised Stuffed Animal

Stuffed bunny is available in cream, pink and blue and can be personalized with the baby’s name in 16 different colors.

The length of the name can be abbreviated, initials or first name. LEARN MORE HERE.

16. Monogrammed Baby Cup (Silver)

This baby cup is made out of silver-plated pewter. The baby cup can be monogrammed with initials or the full name.

A message can be added to the back of the cup for an additional fee. LEARN MORE HERE.

17. Monogrammed Baby Bodysuit

One size bodysuit suitable for baby boys and girls. It is made out of cotton and available in short-sleeved or long-sleeved.

Monogrammed with baby’s initials and available in 10 color options. LEARN MORE HERE.

18. Monogrammed Baby Duffle Bag

A cute way to take all the baby’s stuff everywhere. The baby duffle bag is made out of seersucker fabric and monogrammed with the baby’s initials.

The baby duffle bag is available in blue, pink, grey, and purple. LEARN MORE HERE.

19. Monogrammed Baby Bib

This one size baby bib can be personalized with the baby’s initial. It sports an attractive floral design.

The color of the letter can be customized. LEARN MORE HERE.

20. Monogrammed Money Box

This money box is spelled out in the baby’s first name. Parents can get a head start of saving for a new baby with the money box.

The baby can take over when he or she is older. Never too early for financial literacy.

The money box can accommodate the first name up to 6 letters and is available in 10 colors. LEARN MORE HERE.

21. Monogrammed Hooded Towel

The hooded towel is made out of cotton terry and is available in 17 colors.

Personalized with baby’s first name and the font style can be customized.

Also available as a set with a blanket. LEARN MORE HERE.

22. Purple Butterfly Monogrammed Baby Blanket

Baby blanket made out of soft minky and cotton, which can be personalized with baby’s first name.

The blanket is available in 3 sizes. Font type for the name can also be customized. LEARN MORE HERE.

23. Seersucker Cross-back Bubble

Seersucker romper suitable for both sexes available in different colors. Can be monogrammed with initials or first name.

The lettering design can also be customized. LEARN MORE HERE.

24. Wooden Name Sign

Wooden name sign in cursive font suitable for placement above a crib. Different sizes and paint color options available.

The size depends on how long the name is. LEARN MORE HERE.

Looking for even more unique monogrammed baby gifts? Check out the full range of baby gift ideas available on ETSY HERE.


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