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How Does the Amazon Baby Registry Work? – Baby Registry Checklist

I break down how the Amazon baby registry works and what should be on your baby registry checklist in this article plus 17 benefits of setting up your baby registry with Amazon. 

You can set up many different kinds of lists on Amazon such as wish lists, baby registries, and wedding registries.

I covered Amazon Wish Lists and Amazon Wedding Registry in the following articles:-

This article will cover everything you need to know about setting up your Amazon baby registry including a baby registry checklist.

You can start a baby registry with many retailers but Amazon remains the most popular due to the versatility of the platform.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.

The wide selection of products, discounts, and other perks make setting up a baby registry on Amazon very attractive.

What is Amazon Baby Registry

Back in the day, people had to physically go into stores and register for items but with the advent of the online industry, this is a thing of the past.

You can start your baby registry with just one click and Amazon makes this easy with their baby registry platform.

Additionally, Amazon Baby Registry is a universal registry, which means you can add products from most retailers to your baby registry.

17 Benefits of Setting Up Your Baby Registry with Amazon

17 Benefits of the Amazon Baby Registry

1. Largest Selection of Baby Products

Amazon has the largest selection of baby products in the world (over 200,000 products).  

It is the best go-to place to find everything you could want for your bundle of joy.

2. Universal Baby Registry 

Amazon Baby Registry is a universal registry, offering products from a wide selection of other online retailers. 

The Amazon Assistant makes this very easy. Find out more about the Amazon Assistant browser extension HERE.

3. Easy to Set Up and Manage

Setting up and managing your Amazon Baby Registry is just a matter of a few clicks.

It’s easy to add and delete products and add comments for shoppers. You can also mark items as must-haves.

4. Registry Completion Discount

If there are still items left on your registry list after your due date, you can purchase them for 10% off (15% for Prime Members, saving up to $300). 

You can learn more about being a Prime Member HERE and about the completion discount HERE

5. Free Welcome Baby Box

Once a certain amount of purchases have been made ($10) from your baby registry list, you’re eligible for a free welcome baby box from Amazon.

The purchases can be made by you or someone else shopping for you.

This welcome box contains items for the parents and baby valued at around $35. You must be an Amazon Prime Member to qualify for this benefit.


6. Up to 365-Day Returns

Items bought from your baby registry on Amazon are eligible for returns for up to 365 days after delivery.

You can easily return gifts from your Baby Registry through your Thank You List on Amazon.

7. Manage Baby Registry on the Go

You can manage your baby registry on the go across multiple devices without any issues.

8. Even More Offers for Prime Members 

Amazon Prime Members are eligible for even more discounts on a rotating basis. You’re notified of these discounts via the exclusive offers area of the baby registry.

Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime HERE.

These offers are available within a few days of setting up your baby registry. Examples of these offers include free eBooks and discounts on maternity.

9. International Baby Registry

Expectant mothers from outside the US can still set up baby registries but be sure to only add items that can be shipped to international addresses.

10. Baby Registry Account Can Be Shared

Two people can manage the same baby registry via their Amazon accounts. Co-registrants can view and edit products in the registry.

You can modify permissions for co-registrants in the baby registry settings.

how to share your Amazon baby registry
How to Share Your Amazon Baby Registry

11. Group Gifting Available

You can enable options to allow group gifting so family and friends can pool together to buy the most expensive items on the baby registry.

You can enable group gifting for all the items or just individual items. You will receive an Amazon electronic gift card to complete the purchase of the item (s).

12. Free Shipping

Most of the items available via the baby registry are up for free shipping on orders over $25.

Prime Members who order products from your baby registry also get faster delivery.

13. Baby Registry Sweepstakes

You can win up to $2,500 to spend on your baby registry. Add a minimum amount of products from Chicco to your baby registry to automatically qualify for the sweepstakes.

A purchase isn’t necessary for entry into the sweepstakes. The sweepstakes end on April 30.

14. Thank You List in One Place

You can organize and manage your thank you list in one place. Thank you notes can be sent out with one click via your settings.

Amazon keeps a record of thank you notes sent out too so you know what’s done and what’s pending.

15. Enable Diaper Fund

Your friends and family can contribute towards a diaper fund and help you purchase higher-value items from your Amazon Baby registry.

16. Personalized Recommendations

Amazon’s system is intuitive and will help you find some true gems for your baby registry you would otherwise not have considered.

17. Manage Your Baby Registry on the Go

You can manage your baby registry on the go via the Amazon app. You can add and remove items and modify permissions as required.

How Does the Amazon Baby Registry Work?

It’s very easy to set up your Amazon Baby Registry. Go over to the Baby Registry page HERE, log in, and click on “Create a New Baby Registry.”

Amazon baby registry
Create a New Baby Registry on Amazon

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the expected arrival date and customize your options then create the new registry.

You can then start adding items with quantities to your baby registry. Overwhelmed about what items you should add to your baby registry?

You can check out the links below for some awesome recommendations for your baby registry list:-

Your baby registry account also includes a helpful checklist that lets you know if you’re missing out any essential baby items from your registry.

welcome to Amazon baby registry
Welcome to Amazon Bay Registry

If you want to add items from other retailers, don’t forget to download the Amazon Assistant browser extension HERE.

You can add items to your baby registry while browsing the internet or visiting any other specific retailers.

You can mark your baby registry as private or public in the baby registry settings.

You will also receive a welcome email from Amazon with more information about how to make the best of your universal baby registry. 

universal baby registry welcome email
Universal Baby Registry


How to Share Your Baby Registry?

Your baby registry has to be set to public before you can share it. Once public, go to the main page and click “Share Your Registry.”

You can share the registry list via email or social media.

People can also search for your baby registry with your first name, last name, or email address.

People will not find your baby registry if you have set it to private or shared.

How to Return a Baby Registry List Item?

It’s very easy to return a gift from your baby registry. When you log in to your registry, look for the “Thank you list & returns” section.

Pick the item you want to return and proceed with it.

If the item you want to return isn’t from your baby registry, the return has to be processed via Amazon’s Online Return Center.

Can You Delete Your Amazon Baby Registry?

Once your little bundle of joy arrives and you don’t need the registry anymore, you can go into the baby registry settings and delete it.

The registry cannot be restored after deletion so make sure you’ve sent out any thank you notes or anything else before deleting it.

Can You Create More Than One Baby Registry?

You can create more than one baby registry. However, you cannot have multiple active baby registries.

When you create a new baby registry, the previous registry will automatically become private and inactive.

To clarify, you can have more than one baby registry but only one of them can be active at a time.

Important Amazon Baby Registry Links


Happy shopping!

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Subscribers also get access to the free library with digital gift organizers.

how does the Amazon Baby Registry work
How Does the Amazon Baby Registry Work?

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.