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Best Planner for Gift Shopping – Free

 A gift list is a fantastic way to get organized for the holiday season, which is getting closer by the day.

With black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other sales periods coming up, now is the best time to get your list in order, determine your budget and put a plan in place for getting it all done on time and under budget.

With this in mind, I created these digital gift organizers.

You can use them on your phone, your tablet, and your laptop. The gift ideas organizer can also be used for all occasions.

Why You Need a Gift Ideas Organizer

  • A gift ideas organizer is a holiday shopper’s best friend. It offers an easy way to keep your ideas, your maybes, and definitelys in one place.
  • Not just for gifts. You can also get organized regarding the components involved in gift wrapping, getting gifts delivered, and personalizing your gifts.
  • Chances of duplicating gifts are eliminated when you’re using an organizer.
  • You can share your gift ideas organizer with someone in the family or a friend. They can offer their suggestions and you can modify it accordingly.

I took all the points above into consideration when I created these digital gift planners. They’re colorful and fun to work with.

Getting ready for the holidays is already driving you crazy so why not put your mind at ease with this one thing.

What’s in the Digital Gift Ideas Organizer?

The gift ideas organizer contains:-

  • A content guide
  • Gift planning with notes guide
  • Comprehensive checklist with an automatic budget tracker

Best of all, they’re free and updated every few months with new ways to make them even more effective.

Though the gift planners are digital, feel free to print them out and stick them in a binder like this one. They are in a high-resolution A4 format. 

365 Gift Guide Planner Smart Device Mock Up 2020


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Antoinette M

Friday 4th of June 2021

This is something I can use, especially over the holidays!

Wanda B

Sunday 17th of January 2021

I love the idea of a Gift Ideas Organizer. It sure would help me get my thoughts in order for gift giving.