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27 Best Tea Gift Baskets for Any Occasion

Tea gift baskets are a great gift idea for tea lovers but they also work for different occasions.

Tea is relaxing and provides a comforting and tranquil experience for most people.

Whatever kind of items you want to be in the tea gift baskets – loose leaf, tea bags, special brews, or custom options, you’ll find them in this gift guide.

These tea gift baskets work as a gift for almost anyone – mom, dad, employees, friends, acquaintances, siblings, and much more.

And if you’re wondering what occasions tea gift baskets work for, think housewarming, employee gifts, self-care, and other special occasions.

International Tea Day

In case you’re wondering, there is indeed an International Tea Day which is celebrated on May 21 every year.

The goal of International Tea Day is to foster sustainable production and consumption of tea and raise awareness of its importance in fighting hunger and poverty.

Learn more about International Tea Day here.

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Where to Buy Tea Gift Baskets?

Keep in mind a tea gift basket wouldn’t comprise only tea. It would have other accompaniments that pair well with tea and a tea party.

You can choose already compiled tea gift baskets or choose what to put together to customize your gift basket.

Tea gift baskets also make a great self-care gift in the current times.

In this gift guide, I share 27 tea gift baskets that you can present for any special occasion.

27 Best Tea Gift Baskets for Any Occasion

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27. Assam Tea Gift Basket 

Assam Tea Gift Basket

Assam Tea Gift Basket is a perfect gift for someone who loves strong teas.

The tea gift basket also includes vanilla-flavored cream-filled biscuits, a teapot, honey sticks, and a teabag squeezer.

The tea gifts are packaged in a lovely reusable basket. BUY NOW.

26. Earl Grey Tea Gift Basket 

Earl Grey Tea Gift Basket

This tea gift basket contains a milder Early Grey blend plus a teapot, tea bag caddy, tea infuser and strainer, and a lovely bar of chocolate.

The tea gifts are all nestled in a willow basket. BUY NOW.

25. Just What The Doctor Ordered Tea Gift Basket 

Just What The Doctor Ordered Tea Gift Basket

Just What The Doctor Ordered Tea Gift Basket is perfect for someone feeling poorly.

Packed with English breakfast tea, Irish breakfast tea, tea bag squeezer, lemon honey sticks, and a stuffed animal. BUY NOW.

24. Purely Pink Tea Gift Basket 

Purely Pink Tea Gift Basket

Pretty in pink tea gift basket with a rose teapot, raspberry-flavored black tea, and 2 jars of clotted cream.

There’s also a raspberry white chocolate scone premium mix included. Just mix with a little bit of water then bake. BUY NOW.

23. Teavana Tea Gift Basket 

Teavana Tea Gift Basket

Teavana Tea Gift Basket is a mix of coffee and tea gifts. Contains a mix of green and black tea and instant coffees.

The gift basket also contains a signature Starbucks tumbler. A personalized message can also be included. BUY NOW.

22. Tea Time Tea Gift Basket 

Tea Time Tea Gift Basket

Have a lovely afternoon tea with the contents of this tea gift basket. A selection of everything needed packed in a handy breakfast tray.

The basket is finished off with a beautiful blue bow and a personalized gift message can be included. BUY NOW.

21. Tazo Tea Gift Set 

Tazo Tea Gift Set

Lovely get well soon tea gift set packaged in a white gift box. Featuring Tazo herbal tea, honey, cookies, and biscotti. Yum!

The tea gift set also includes a large white mug. BUY NOW.

20. Tea Lover Gift Basket 

Tea Lover Gift Basket

A carefully curated selection of tea lover items. The basket is full of tea, a mug, honey spoons, socks, a picture frame, and decorative succulent.

It includes a Godiva chocolate bar too! Delivered in a beautiful gift basket. BUY NOW.

19. A Cup of Tea Gift Basket 

A Cup of Tea Gift Basket

You can customize this tea gift basket to your recipient’s taste. Combination of 3 teas and 4 mug colors.

The tea gift also includes wildflower honey, honey dipper, and tea infuser bags. BUY NOW.

18. Chai Tea Gift Basket 

Chai Tea Gift Basket

This tea gift basket delivers the ultimate chai experience. The kit contains everything required to make chai tea from scratch.

Can create mild to spicy chai tea with ingredients included in the kit. There’s also a tea strainer and a recipe sheet included. BUY NOW.

17. Deluxe Tea Gift Basket 

Deluxe Tea Gift Basket

Bring on the tea party with this deluxe tea gift basket containing a mug, tea bags, biscuit cookies, clover honey, tea bag squeezer, and tea bag coaster.

A personalized homemade card also included. BUY NOW.

16. Hawaiian Tea Treasure Baskets 

Hawaiian Tea Treasure Baskets

This is slightly different from a regular tea gift basket but was too cute not to include in this tea gifts guide.

A special blend of Hawaiian teas is packed in a handwoven Lauhala basket and adorned with a raffia tie and cowry shell.

Each basket contains 36 tea bags. 8 Hawaiian blend teas available to choose from. BUY NOW.

15. Hydrangea Tea Gift Basket 

Hydrangea Tea Gift Basket

Summer-themed tea gift basket with teacups and saucers decorated with blue hydrangeas.

The basket also includes a box of herbal teas, teaspoons, sugar cubes, scone mix, and floral napkins. BUY NOW.

Also available as a Floral Tea Gift Basket.

Floral Tea Gift Baskets

14. Hot Tea Care Package Gift Basket 

Hot Tea Care Package Gift Basket

This gourmet tea basket ships in a reusable craft box and makes a lovely self-care gift for anyone.

It contains a selection of teas, a mug, a honey jar and sticks, and Walkers shortbread cookies. BUY NOW.

13. Herbal Tea Gift Basket 

Herbal Tea Gift Basket

This is a little tea gift basket with a mighty selection of mix and match organic loose-leaf herbal teas.

Shipped in biodegradable materials and includes a personalized message (3 card designs available). BUY NOW.

12. Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set 

Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set

A heartwarming package of loose leaf tea with a tea infuser and a personalized card.

Tea selection includes I A-PEACH-iate you herbal tea, Won’t Take You For Pome-granate green tea, and Encourage-MINT green tea. BUY NOW.

11. Nothing But Tea Tea Gift Basket 

Nothing But Tea Tea Gift Basket

Nothing But Tea is an all-star collection of richly flavored, gourmet teas.

The package includes 4 bags of Joy of Tea collection, 3 Highland Select teas, and Too Good Gourmet fruit-flavored iced tea mix.

You can also customize this tea gift basket with a number of additional items including mugs, chocolates, and stuffed animals. BUY NOW.

10. The Finer Things Tea Gift Basket 

The Finer Things Tea Gift Basket

A charming collection of teas and gourmet delicacies  – crackers, trail mix, pretzels, cheese spread, sausage, and fruit medley.

The tea gift basket can also be customized with other self-care items and a custom greeting card. BUY NOW.

9. Tea & Honey Gift Basket 

Tea & Honey Gift Basket

This gourmet tea gift basket contains a sampling of teas, cookies, honey stirrers, a honey jar, and a bee mug. BUY NOW.

8. Tea Lover Gift Box for Two 

Tea Lover Gift Box for Two

More for two with this tea gift basket. The basket contains hand-blended leaf teas, 2 infusers, 2 mugs, honey straws, a spoon, and a soy candle.

The charms attached to the infusers can be personalized too! BUY NOW.

7. Tea for Two Gift Basket 

Tea for Two Gift Basket

This tea gift basket contains 2 gorgeous artisan tie-dyed painted mugs in addition to a selection of fine teas.

It also contains honey, a honey star, and chocolate chip cookies. BUY NOW.

6. Tea Lovers Box Collection

Tea Lovers Box Collection

This tea gift basket is available in 4 sizes – platinum, premium, standard and mini.

Each option can be customized with different teas, accompaniments, a teapot, succulent, and a candle. BUY NOW.

5. Tea Gift Box 

Tea Gift Box

A collection of loose leaf tea, raw honey sticks, mini spoon, and disposable tea bags.

It also contains a delightful mug with the words – You’re Tea-riffic. You can choose another mug from the store if you prefer. BUY NOW.

4. Tea & Cookies Tea Gift Basket 

Tea & Cookies Tea Gift Basket

This tea gift basket combines an assorted tea collection with a variety of cookies and wafer rolls.

The gift basket also includes a mug and you have the option to add more goodies to the basket. BUY NOW.

3. Afternoon Revival Tea Gift Basket 

Afternoon Revival Tea Gift Basket

An oasis of gourmet teas, cookies, and snacks abound in this tea gift basket.

Also includes a mug and can be customized with additional goodies if you want. BUY NOW.

2. Themed Tea Gift Basket 

Themed Tea Gift Basket

Packaged in a reusable basket, this tea gift basket includes a kettle, mugs, teas, honeypot with dipper, tea towel, picture frame, and succulent.

Everything including the basket has a light blue/grey color theme. BUY NOW.

1. Assorted Tea Gift Basket

Assorted Tea Gift Basket

The teas included in this tea gift basket are a special blend of Earl Grey with lavender and vanilla bean for a more awesome flavor.

The gift basket also includes lavender and rose petal sugar, a heart-shaped tea infuser, and a mini spoon.

Expect an explosion of flavor with this tea gift basket. BUY NOW.

Tea Gift Baskets Round-up

Below is a round-up of the tea gift baskets recommended in this article for easy reference

Pin It for Later – Tea Gift Baskets for All Occasions

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Best tea gift basket ideas for every occasion

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In my next article, I will cover how to DIY tea gift baskets for an even more personalized touch.

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.

Antoinette M

Thursday 24th of June 2021

Great gift ideas for the tea lover. My favorite is the Tea Lovers Box Collection.