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How To Put Together a DIY Tea Gift Basket

A  DIY tea gift basket is charming and thoughtful and works for almost any occasion you can think of. And who doesn’t love a carefully curated selection of teas, accessories, and accompaniments just for them?

How To Put Together DIY Tea Gift Baskets

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Additionally, putting together a DIY tea gift basket won’t break the bank, and can cost as little as $25 for a mini basket.

If you don’t care to put together a tea gift basket yourself, then check out the ready-made suggestions in 27 Best Tea Gift Baskets for Any Occasion.

In this article, I’m sharing all the things that should go into a DIY tea gift basket, how to put it together when you’re ready and what you can use in place of a basket.

What Can I Put in a DIY Tea Gift Basket?

Here are the 6 main things you should put in a DIY gift basket arranged in order of importance:-

1. Tea for DIY Tea Gift Basket

The tea is the most important part of the tea gift basket. The kind of tea you will include depends on your recipient’s favorites and preferences.

Some very popular selection of teas to include in a DIY tea gift basket include loose tea, tea bags, blooming teas and bubble teas.

Loose Tea 

Loose teas come in small packs as samplers. If they’re already in bags or tins, then you don’t have to do much.

But you can also package them in artisan tea containers (shared below) for an even more artisan touch.

Find even more loose leaf tea selections HERE.


Teabags already have the tea packaged in individual bags and sold in tins or boxes with anything from 10 – 50 tea bags in each pack.

The packaging for tea bags is nice enough that you don’t need to repackage them unless you want to make a really special homemade tea gift basket.

Some amazing tea bag suggestions for a DIY tea gift basket includes:-

Find even more teabag selections and ideas HERE.

Flowering Tea

Flowering teas are aka blooming teas. They are a specialty tea consisting of dried tea leaves wrapped around dried flowers.

When the bundle is steeped, it slowly unfurls like a blooming flower hence the name. It is native to China.

The most popular flowers used in flowering teas include chrysanthemumjasminelily, and hibiscus.

Some amazing flowering tea suggestions for a DIY tea gift basket includes:-

Find even more flowering tea selections and combination ideas HERE.

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is aka pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, or boba, and originated from Taiwan.

Bubble tea includes chewy tapioca balls and a bunch of other toppings. It can be with milk or without milk and comes in many flavors.

Some great bubble tea set suggestions for a DIY tea gift basket includes:-

Find even more bubble tea selections HERE.

The standard types of tea that fall into most people’s favorites include green tea, black tea, white tea, Oolong tea, Puerh tea, and herbal tea

As you can see, there is a massive selection of teas to choose from for your DIY tea gift basket.

If your recipient is an avid tea lover, you can snoop their Amazon Wish List for ideas

2. Tea Accessories & Accompaniments for DIY Tea Gift Basket

The following are some essential items you should consider adding to your DIY tea gift basket.

Whichever ones you choose will depend on the size of the basket and what kind of theme you’re going for:-

3. Flavored Sugar for DIY Tea Gift Basket

Flavored sugar infuses tea with an amazing aromatic essence that uplifts the senses as you sip.

Heilala Vanilla Bean Sugar
Vanilla Bean Sugar

Go crazy with this. The delicious edible combinations for your DIY tea gift basket are endless.

5. Tea and Food Containers DIY Tea Gift Basket

If you buy teas and other items in bulk because you want to repackage for several DIY tea gift baskets then you will need tea and food containers.

You can easily find these at the dollar store or online HERE

6. Empty Gift Basket DIY Tea Gift Basket 

Other items you will need apart from the basket include:-

You can buy a DIY gift basket kit that includes all the trimmings you need to put together the basket once you have all the tea gifts.

You can also finish off the DIY tea gift basket with a nice tea cookbook like The Afternoon Tea Collection by Pamela Clark or The Official Downtown Abbey Afternoon Tea Coobooks.

What Do You Stuff the Bottom of a Gift Basket With?

The bottom of a gift basket can be filled with crumpled tissue paper, shredded tissue paper, shredded cellophane, or crinkle paper.

This paper provides a proper even base you can then stack the gifts on. The most common basket filling is crinkle paper and crumpled tissue paper. 

What Do You Use for Gifts Instead of a Basket?

A basket is the most common item used but if you prefer something a little bit more unique or different, below are some excellent options:-

These distressed wooden crates comes to under $40 for a set of 3. It has handles for ease of carrying and has an elegant look to it. 

The crate is available in different sizes as well. SEE IT HERE.

This rustic serving tray comes in a set of 3 – small, medium, and large to fit any size you have in mind. It will make your DIY tea gift basket look super expensive.

It’s made from eco-friendly materials and also available in rustic white and torched brown. SEE IT HERE.

A beautiful pail with butterflies and lavender flowers motif. Also has a wooden holder and the rim is gold-colored.

This pail is perfect for gifting in spring. SEE IT HERE.

This aqua blue planter is made out of ceramic with a sunburst design and has an attached saucer that makes a perfect carrier. 

Planter is of course reusable for plants making it an excellent multipurpose gift. SEE IT HERE.

This chic-looking metal planter has a distressed design and is available in various sizes and colors. SEE IT HERE.

You can use pretty much any container that looks presentable and is big enough to hold the tea gift items you have in mind. Just set your imagination loose.

Have fun putting together your DIY tea gift basket.

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DIY Tea Gift Baskets

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.