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25 Plus Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Continuing from the earlier post on Best Father’s Day Gift Cards, this article will be covering over 25 plus Father’s Day gift basket ideas.

These gift baskets work for almost any occasion and not just Father’s Day so you have loads of gift options all year long.

If you’re wondering how to make a gift box for Father’s Day, look no further than these carefully curated selections.

You can even order gifts from different baskets individually and then curate your own special Father’s Day gift basket.

You can order an empty gift basket, gift wrappings, and ribbons on Amazon HERE.

What Can I Put in Dad’s Gift Basket?

1. Best Dad Care Package For Coffee Lovers

Best Dad Care Package For Coffee Lovers

If dad is a coffee lover, this personalized care package is lovely.

The care package contains artisan medium roast, small-batch coffee, premium Late Harvest Maple Syrup from Quebec, and a chocolate bar.

You can choose from 6 types of chocolates. The certificate on the box lid includes the recipient’s name and a custom message. GET IT HERE.

2. Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Gift Basket

You can customize all the items in this father’s day gift basket. You can change colors and customize the message as well.

Items in the gift basket include a T-shirt, tumbler, coffee mug, beer mug, stemless wine glass, shot glass & koozie. GET IT HERE.

3. Bearded Wooden Father’s Day Gift Box

This one is for the dad who loves grooming his beard. The handcrafted wooden gift box contains a bar of soap, a bottle of beard oil, and a tin of beard balm.

The items are nestled within a pile of craft paper shreds. You can choose from 11 different scents for the oil and balm. GET IT HERE.

4. Bourbon Gift Basket

The gift basket contains Blanton’s bourbon smoking chips, barrel-aged maple syrup, a set of oak coasters, a flask, an oak stave opener, and a leather keychain. GET IT HERE.

5. Cask Coffee Gift Set

Cask Coffee Gift Set

Another perfect gift set for the dad who loves coffee. The gift set includes 3 barrel-aged coffee flavors with a barrel mug.

The flavors include single malt whiskey, rye whiskey, and rum. GET IT HERE

6. Coffee Gift Box

Coffee Gift Box for Dad

This gift box is a carefully curated selection of lifestyle items for dad. The gift box comes in three options – basic, deluxe, and premium.

The basic box includes a travel mug with a wooden handle, a coffee-scented candle, whiskey-infused caramel popcorn, and a greeting card personalized with your note.

The deluxe box and premium boxes include all of the above with additional items like a beard balm or shaving puck and canvas toiletry bag.

All the items are packaged in an elegant black & gold gift box. GET IT HERE.

7. Dad Self Care Gift Box

A selection of natural products is curated in this great big self-care box any dad would love.

Some of the items in the box include a beard balm, beard oil, body and beard wash, shaving cream, aftershave, cologne spray, and essential oil roller blend.

The gift box also includes a glass cup that says Super Dad or Best Dad Ever. The items come wrapped in a reusable toolbox. GET IT HERE.

8. Dad Care Package

This care package contains a selection of botanical products such as a sugar & sand man scrub, citrus & mint beard/hair oil, and muscle therapy tin.

It also includes a special memento for Dad. The products are phthalate, sulfate, petroleum & paraben-free, vegan, free of synthetic fragrances and dyes.

You can see the full product footprint and GET IT HERE.

9. DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

One of a kind gin-making kit. The kit contains 12 exotic botanicals, which can be used to create 3 bottles of small-batch craft-gin at home.

The kit also includes starter recipe ideas, a stainless steel funnel and filters, and 2 labels to document and sign every batch. GET IT HERE.

Best father's day gift basket ideas

10. Essential Oils Gift Basket

This classic gift basket contains a collection of essential oil man scents. This is perfect for lumberjack, hipster, modern, and camper dads.

The set includes soap, lip balm, wildwood cream deodorant, muscle rescue balm, man cave candle, and a handmade matchbook.

The set is delivered in a white box with black and ivory vintage ticking striped ribbon. GET IT HERE.

11. Fatherhood Gift Basket Set

Four unique gifts in a stylish black box. The box contains an activated Charcoal soap bar, fatherhood hat, Mr. coffee mug, and breathable striped socks.

The box is finished with a black satin ribbon. GET IT HERE.

12. Gentlemen Spa Father’s Day Gift Basket

A spa basket containing a unique blend of botanical ingredients. The basket includes a charcoal facial bar, aftershave, gentlemen facial scrub, aromatherapy soak salt, and hand salve.

The gift box is reusable. The gift note can be personalized. GET IT HERE.

13. Gourmet Father’s Day Gift Basket

Gourmet Gift Basket for Dad

This Sausageman’s gourmet basket includes an assortment of sausages, mustards, nuts, chocolate-dipped fruits, and much more.

The set is hand-assembled and individually wrapped. GET IT HERE.

14. Grilling Dad Gift Basket

The perfect gift basket for the dad who loves to grill. The basket contains an assortment of sauces, spices, and utensils for the grill.

A customized apron can also be included for an additional cost. The gift basket is available in large, medium, or small. GET IT HERE.

15. ’Hit the Sauce’ Gourmet Gift Basket

Another gift for the grilling dad – an assortment of sauces and coffees from famous brand liquors.

It comes in a handsome reusable basket and includes a greeting card. GET IT HERE.

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16. Jerky Gift Box

A selection of handcrafted beef jerky, beautifully wrapped in premium packaging.

No nitrates, MSG, or preservatives are added. The box is finished with an elegant black bow. GET IT HERE.

17. Vegan Grooming Gift Basket

All-natural, unscented, vegan gift basket containing 3 Soaps, cotton washcloth, and 3 face scrubbies.

The set is available in green, blue, and grey. GET IT HERE.

18. Luxury Grooming Father’s Day Gift Box

This luxury grooming gift box contains a tumbler, a soy candle, a wooden shaving brush, a Tuscan tobacco shaving soap, and Obsession men’s soap.

The tumbler design can be personalized for your dad. GET IT HERE.

19. Moscow Mule Gift Set

The Moscow mule gift set includes two hammered double wall copper mugs lined with stainless steel, a bottle of Nina’s Moscow Mule mix.

It also contains a bottle of Pellegrino mineral water and a pack of Feridies salted peanuts.

Finished with a stunning grosgrain ribbon with a copper border. GET IT HERE.

20. Nonno’s Espresso Box Set

An espresso box set containing an espresso cup, espresso spoon, and acrylic tag.

The mug and gift box colors can be customized. Simple and perfect for the coffee-loving dad. GET IT HERE.

21. Personalized Grooming Set

Another luxury grooming set with a tumbler, soy candle, wooden shaving brush, Tuscan tobacco shaving soap, and a barber-style razor.

The razor and tumbler design can be personalized. GET IT HERE.

22. People’s Choice Beef Jerky Box

This beef jerky box contains a sampler of handmade beef jerky products.

Starts from the Simple and Savoury box with 4 products up to One of Everything box with 12 products. GET IT HERE.

23. Relaxation Father’s Day Gift Basket

This gift basket is perfect for when dad is stressed out. It contains a bar of men’s soap, a Father’s Day gift tag, a wood soap dish, a bottle of lotion, and a lip balm.

All produced with high-end ingredients using premium formulas. GET IT HERE.

24. Sauce & Spice Blend Father’s Day Gift Basket

This sauce and spice blend contains a spicy maple glaze and serrano & blueberry barbecue sauce, Montreal steak rub, and carne asada steak rub. 

Products are vegan, gluten-free, and made without artificial preservatives or emulsifiers. GET IT HERE.

25. Sci-Fi/Fantasy Father’s Day Gift Box

This is the one for the dad that’s into sci-fi and fantasy. This unique box contains a dragon’s blood soap and a box filled with dragon’s blood incense.

It also includes a handcrafted book page flower, a tube of champagne Jelly Belly beans, super cherry gummy bears, and honey roasted peanuts.

It also contains a book by an upcoming sci-fi/fantasy author. GET IT HERE.

26. Think Outside the Box Father’s Day Gift

A self-care gift box with different kinds of skincare essentials such as scented shower steamers, activated charcoal soap, sugar scrub with activated charcoal healing salve, and bath salts.

Message can be personalized for Father’s Day. GET IT HERE.

27. Tool Box Combo

Personalized toolbox for dad. The combo contains a mug and a measuring tape.

The box, mug, and tape can be customized with dad’s name and other messages. GET IT HERE.

28. You’re Flippin Great Grill Gift Box

This gift box contains Brumate’s imperial pint and a  can cooler. Both can be personalized with a message for dad.

Keeps beverages cool or warm during outdoor activities. GET IT HERE.

29. Yoda Best Dad Father’s Day Gift Box

A cool play on the name of the popular character from Star Wars – Yoda. Soy wax candle displays the message – Yoda Best Dad Ever.

The package also contains a matchstick bottle and a bracelet. Candle scents can be customized. GET IT HERE.

25 plus gift box ideas for father's day

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