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Christmas Planner 2023

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and about time for you to start getting your holiday planning on point with this Christmas Planner.

This comprehensive Christmas planner printable pack is a valuable resource for an organized and stress-free Christmas.

The Christmas planner printable is 40 plus pages and contains everything you need for your best Christmas ever.

Best Christmas Planner Printable Pack
Best Christmas Planner Printable Pack

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What is a Christmas Planner?

Everybody looks forward to the holiday season every year. It’s a wonderful time of year.

Gatherings with friends and family, gift exchanges, and loads of delicious food and drinks!

However, getting ready for this and making sure everything goes according to plan can quickly become overwhelming. This is where a Christmas Planner comes in.

A Christmas Planner is a valuable planning tool to have on hand for holiday planning.

It helps you keep your thoughts organized and allows you to brainstorm all your ideas in one place.

With a Christmas Planner, you’ll be able to tackle small tasks every day and stay on top of your holiday planning so you can get everything done on time.

Whether you have a simple or super busy holiday season ahead of you, a Christmas planner is definitely something you’ll be glad to have at your disposal.

What’s Included in the Christmas Planner?

365 Gift Guide Ultimate Christmas Planner 2021 Cover 2

This Christmas Planner printable contains the following:-

Christmas Brainstorming

Great for initial brainstorming ideas for Christmas. What do you want the holiday celebrations to look like? Theme? What do you have in mind from previous years? etc.

Christmas Budgeting

Planning always starts with the budget. Outline how much you have available to spend and how much you’re going to spend on gifts, meals, decor, etc with this printable.

There’s also a section to calculate how much you need to save every week or month to meet your holiday budget for the year.

Amazon Wish List Resource

A great way to get the best gift ideas for people who are hard to shop for or you don’t want to ask them directly what they want.

You can get the best gift ideas in only a few steps outlined in this Wish List resource.

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Christmas Gift Planner

A master tracker for all the people you want to purchase gifts for, gift ideas, gifts you settle on, and the budget for each person’s gifts.

Gift Tracker (Stores) and Gift Tracker (Online)

Trackers for all the gifts you will be purchasing in stores or online plus sections to mark them off as they arrive.

Stocking Stuffer Planner

Keep track of stocking stuffer ideas for everyone on your list plus how much you will be spending on each person’s items.

Holiday Decor Planner

Planning for decor isn’t left out of this Christmas planner. Take inventory of your holiday decor and where each item is located. 

There’s also a section for any additional decor items required.

Christmas Bunch Planner

A planner for any brunches you want to host over the holidays. Includes grocery list, guest list, and guest contributions.

Christmas Dinner Planner

A planner for items you plan to make for Christmas dinners for the family or you’re hosting.

This section also includes a Christmas dinner grocery list as well as a guest list with notes for dietary restrictions

Christmas Cooking Planner

Prep tasks planner for all the cooking you will be doing for the holidays. The planner starts 4 weeks before Christmas.

Countdown Planner

For tracking of the week-to-week tasks starting from 4 weeks before Christmas with a section for the day-to-day on Christmas week.

July — December 2023 Day-to-Day Christmas Planner

July to December 2023 calendar for tracking day-to-day like parties, activities, appointments, etc.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tracking List

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the best days to grab all your holiday gifts, decor, and much more.

These tracking lists will help keep you organized for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sections to check off items bought are included as well.

Advent Activities Planner

A schedule for advent activities planned for the season all the way to Christmas Day.

Gift Tags

Gift tags in different designs with trim lines. For gift tags and other types of tags, you want to use a solid stock paper like this.

Letters to Santa

Your kids can use these templates to tell Santa what they want or draw a picture. There are 3 templates to choose from.

Letters from Santa

You can use this template to write a message to your kid (s), niece (s), nephew (s), etc from Santa’s workspace at the North Pole.

The planner also includes decoration bin labels, food leftover tags, notes, and reminder sections.

Christmas Planner Printable Size

The Christmas Planner printable is in A4 size. If you want a different size, you can achieve this in your printer paper size settings.

The pages in the Christmas Planner printable are not numbered so you can reorder them any way you like once you print them.

You can use the Christmas Planner in digital form or print it out and keep them in a special Christmas binder like this one.

I’ve included 5 alternate cover designs and spine designs if you want to use a binder.

There are different binder spine sizes included in the planner as well!

Will you be sharing the Christmas Planner with someone else in your family? Upload it to Google Drive so you can both access it and make changes and updates.

You can use the Christmas Planner on your smartphone, iPad, and laptop. That’s your Christmas planning all sorted!

Tips for Using A Christmas Planner

1. Set the Christmas Planner Up At The Start

After downloading the Christmas Planner printable pack, I recommend spending some time setting them up and putting them together in a way that works for you.

Organize the files in a dedicated folder on your computer and/or in a binder.

2. Stay on Top of the Christmas Planner

Don’t abandon the planner until a few weeks before Christmas. Stay on top of updating the files at least once a week.

Get a cup of tea and some cookies and set aside some time to do this every week. 

3. Collaborate If Possible

You can invite your friends and family to collaborate on some of the files such as the menu planner via Google Drive. It’s easy to do this.

  • Head over to Google Drive HERE
  • Create a new folder and give it a relevant name.
  • Upload the files you will be collaborating on from your computer.
  • Once you’ve finished uploading, right-click the folder and choose Share.
  • Enter the email addresses of everyone you want to share with and Google will notify them.

You can edit settings to choose how much can be edited by each person.

How Much is the Christmas Planner?

365 Gift Guide’s Christmas Planner printables are 100% free to subscribers!

You can download the free Christmas Planner printable pack HERE. (Note – these files are for personal use only).

If you enjoy using the Christmas Planner printable pack, leave a review below and let me know what you think or what can be added for 2024.

Happy Planning!

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.


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