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7 Best Tips for Giving Wine as a Gift

These 7 tips for giving wine as a gift will help you make the best selections for any special occasion from housewarmings to anniversaries, engagements, and more. 

Wine is a perfect gift when you’re looking for a small yet thoughtful gift and if your recipient doesn’t drink, there are lots of non-alcoholic wine options too.


However, before you order any ole bottle of wine, there are a few things to keep in mind and take into consideration before selecting the right choice.  

Is Wine An Appropriate Gift?

There are a wide variety of flavors, brands, and price points to choose from so you’ll always be able to find something for every taste bud. 

Giving Wine as a Gift – 7 Best Tips

If you have noticed a particular type of label when the person was drinking previously, giving wine as a gift is much easier.

However, using some generalities in wine drinking, it is possible to make giving wine as a gift a little easier for you and a joy for the recipient.

1. What Are Your Recipient’s Food Preferences?

Food Preferences can give clues about wine choices too. A person’s preferences in food and drinks will normally translate to their wine taste too.

If the recipient has a sweet tooth, then a sweeter wine such as Riesling and blended wines is a safe choice. 

A dry wine will taste even drier to a person that is used to sweet drinks such as sodas and sugared coffees and teas. 

A strong, black coffee drinker will normally prefer a red or white wine that has a strong and dry taste. 

A Chardonnay is often a good choice as well because the taste and oaky flavor holds up well on the palate. 

Spicy food lovers also tend to lean towards red wines that will pair well and stand up to bolder tastes.

2. Keep the Season in Mind

When giving wine as a gift, you should keep the season in mind. Lighter wines are better for summer while fruity and lighter wines are great for spring.

As for autumn and winter, full-bodied wines and heartier wines are more suitable respectively. 

Giving the right wine gift in the right season makes a better impression and they can enjoy your gift within the season. 

3. Don’t Skimp on the Budget

When it comes to giving wine as a gift, you don’t want to be too tight-fisted because this is one place where it will show. 

Cheap wine tastes exactly like it sounds, “cheap.” However, you don’t have to spend hundreds to get a great bottle of wine either.

You can find a great bottle of wine for as little as $50 or even less with a little bit of research and snooping.

4. How About a Wine of the Month Club?

If the person’s favorite brand is unknown, then a wine of the month club may be another awesome recommendation. Some great wine of the month clubs include:-

The International Wine of the Month Club


The International Wine of the Month Club features high end wine selections from award-winning boutique vineyards plus a newsletter, wine notes, food pairings and recipes.

The International Wine of the Month Club starts from $48.95/month and ships within the US only. LEARN MORE HERE.

Pour Pairings Monthly Box


Pour Pairings Monthly Box is packed with the perfect pairings of food, wine and gadgets every month. Each box starts from $67.99/month.

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VINOVORE Monthly Box


VINOVORE Monthly Box features women-made wines from around the world plus pairing notes and suggestions.

VINOVORE Monthly Box starts from $45/month and ships within the US only. LEARN MORE HERE.

The Wine Lovers Subscription Box


The Wine Lovers Subscription Box features 2 bottles of premium wine, gourmet treats, tasting and food pairing notes every month.

The Wine Lovers Box starts from £42/quarter and ships within the UK only. LEARN MORE HERE.

Kris’s Wine Club of the Month – Wine Club & Virtual Tasting


Kris’s Wine Club of the Month features two premium wines of your choice every month plus personal tasting notes and recommended pairings every month.

There’s also a monthly wine club member call and tasting, where you can engage with the winemakers and other people in the wine world.

Kris’s Wine Club of the Month starts from $83/month. LEARN MORE HERE.

Wine of the month clubs send out a variety of wines that are sure to provide some pleasers every month.

You can send out for just one month, 3 months or the year and you can cancel at any time. Click here for more Wine of the Month Club ideas.

5. Don’t Leave Out a Thoughtful Note

When giving wine as a gift, don’t forget to include a thoughtful note that personalizes the gift.

Plus you can even add notes about the type of wine and why you chose it. This will score you cool points with the recipient for sure!

This pack of blank notecards with gold foil envelopes is perfect for thoughtful notes.  


6. Wine Gift Baskets Also Work

You can buy ready-made wine gift baskets or you can buy the wine and then build the gift basket around it. 

Some great gift options to include a DIY wine gift basket include:-

You can also find some fantastic ready-made wine gift baskets or curate your own over at Design it Yourself Gift Baskets and Drinkable Gift Baskets.

7. Safest Choice When Unsure

A gift certificate to a wine shop or local area winery is a great way to gift the right wine if you’re unsure what your recipient would like. 

Following these wine gift-giving tips, you should be able to choose the right wine and make the best impression on your recipient. 

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