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17 Best Pusheen Bags and Backpacks for Gifting

I’ve been featuring Pusheen gifts a bit over the last few weeks because she’s just that adorable.

There are so many ways both kids and adults can enjoy Pusheen. You can catch some of those ways at:-

Today, I’ll be featuring the 17 most adorable Pusheen backpacks and bags for gifting.

You can find a Pusheen backpack or bag for a kid or an adult on this list.

With Christmas around the corner, put a smile on the face of the Pusheen lover in your life with one of these Pusheen backpack gift ideas.

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17 Best Pusheen Bags and Backpacks for Gifting

Adorable Pusheen Backpack Gift Ideas

1. Pusheen Cat Face Backpack  

Pusheen Cat Face Backpack

Pusheen cat face backpack with zipper closures. The backpack is made out of sturdy canvas and has adjustable padded shoulder straps.

The Pusheen backpack is available in brown, mint, pink, and purple. LEARN MORE HERE

2. Pusheen Cat Donuts Zipper Backpack 

Pusheen Cat Donuts Zipper Backpack

This Pusheen backpack is made out of polyester and features a donuts pattern on the bag.

The backpack also includes a donut keychain charm. LEARN MORE HERE

3. Pusheen Pastel Kawaii Backpack 

Pusheen Pastel Kawaii Backpack

Lovely pastel colored Pusheen backpack made out of sturdy materials with a creative design. Suitable for school or work. LEARN MORE HERE

4. Pusheen See Ya Face Pink Backpack

Pusheen See Ya Face Pink Backpack

This pink Pusheen backpack has a dynamic ombre design with zippered pockets.

It has the Pusheen see ya face logo imprinted on it. LEARN MORE HERE

5. Pusheen All Over Popsicle Mini Backpack 

Pusheen All Over Popsicle Mini Backpack

The Pusheen mini backpack features the beloved kitty snacking on a selection of ice summer treats.

Finished with mint green zippers and mint green pom pom zipper pull. Adjustable aqua shoulder straps. LEARN MORE HERE

6. Pusheen Plush Backpack

Pusheen Plush Backpack

This Pusheen plush backpack is a cute size and perfect for storing small necessities.

The backpack features secure straps and a durable zipper. Made from soft and huggable material. LEARN MORE HERE

7. Pusheen Plush Mini Backpack 

Pusheen Plush Mini Backpack

This Pusheen mini backpack is made from soft plush and stuffed with padding to give it a 3D look.

It’s embroidered with 3D ears and whiskers and has adjustable straps and a zipped compartment. LEARN MORE HERE

8. Pusheen Mint Pizza Backpack

Pusheen Mint Pizza Backpack

This Pusheen pizza backpack is made from high-quality materials and has padded adjustable shoulder straps and a faux leather bottom.

The gorgeous mint color makes it suitable for teenagers, men, and women. LEARN MORE HERE

9. Pusheen All Over Print Backpack

Pusheen All Over Print Backpack

Purple Pusheen backpack with an all-over print of Pusheen flying. The backpack is fully padded with adjustable shoulder straps for comfort. LEARN MORE HERE

10. Pusheen The Cat Back to School SetPusheen The Cat Back to School Set

The grey/brown back to school set features a Pusheen backpack with a cat face and whiskers.

Includes padded ears on top, an ice cream truck notebook, and 2 Pusheen plush pencil toppers.

The backpack has padded adjustable straps and contrast zipper plackets. The pencil toppers are available in 3 colors. LEARN MORE HERE

11. Pusheen Pusheenicorn Plush Backpack

Pusheen Pusheenicorn Plush Backpack

This plush multicolored Pusheenicorn backpack will look magical on anyone’s back.

Perfect size for packing all necessities on the go and made out of soft, huggable material. LEARN MORE HERE

Pusheen Bags

12. Pusheen Cross Body Purse 

Pusheen Cross Body Purse

Gorgeous crossbody Pusheenicorn bag finished with polyurethane faux leather shell.

The Pusheenicorn bag is available in grey, green, pink, and purple. LEARN MORE HERE

13. Pusheen Two Compartment Lunch Bag 

Pusheen Two Compartment Lunch Bag

This Pusheen lunch bag has two separate compartments for food. The bag is fully insulated to keep food cooler for longer.

PVC free with easy to clean food-safe lining. The handle is also padded for comfort. LEARN MORE HERE

14. Pusheen Unicorn Set Pusheen Unicorn Set for Kids

Rainbows, stars, and hearts abound in this Pusheen unicorn lunchbox set which contains a lunch bag, leak-free water bottle, and snack pot.

The bottle and the snack box are BPA free and the lunch bag is fully insulated. LEARN MORE HERE

15. Pusheen The Cat Messenger Cross Body Shoulder Bag  

Pusheen The Cat Messenger Cross Body Shoulder Bag

Pusheen messenger crossbody shoulder bag with flap closure.

The bag has an all-over Pusheen print and features a large main compartment with a zipper pocket inside.

The shoulder bag is available in green and purple. LEARN MORE HERE

16. Pusheen Tote Bag

Pusheen Tote Bag

Fabulous Pusheen tote bag made out of striped canvas.

It has an open top with long handles makes it perfect for books, groceries, and much more. LEARN MORE HERE

17. Pusheen Cross-Body Bag

Pusheen Cross-Body Bag

Handy Pusheen crossbody bag with adjustable straps. Pusheen image is sitting on top of a burger. LEARN MORE HERE

Happy Pusheen shopping!

Best pusheen backpack gift ideas

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Antoinette M

Thursday 10th of June 2021

These are adorable. My favorite is the Pastel Kawaii backpack!

Stephanie LaPlante

Saturday 24th of October 2020

Oh my goodness! I'm sooo in love with the first one! It would look absolutely adorable on the back of my wheelchair.