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Ultimate Pusheen Gift Box

The Pusheen gift box aka the Pusheen Box delivers a quarterly load of fun to subscribers with a host of Pusheen the Cat and her friends themed items.

Following the earlier gift guide about Best Pusheen Keychains, I received an email asking about the Pusheen box.

I didn’t think there were options like that available so I went researching and turned up the Pusheen box.

This Pusheen box is the ultimate subscription box for Pusheen lovers everywhere. It makes a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, or any occasion really.

Ultimate Pusheen Box Subscription plus a Giveaway
Ultimate Pusheen Box Subscription

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What is the Pusheen Box?

Pusheen the Cat Mystery Subscription Box is a fun box for all ages and any Pusheen fan.

The box contains 7 – 10 exclusive officially licensed Pusheen merchandise worth over $100 in value every quarter.

The items in each Pusheen box are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else online or in stores.

Pusheen boxes contain apparel, accessories, vinyl figures, plush toys, home goods, and much more.

Items from past Pusheen boxes have included:-

  • Embroidered Pusheen long-sleeve sailor tee
  • Inflatable pool float
  • Salad container
  • Bandana
  • Can coolers
  • Stationery (notebooks, pens, and stickers)
  • Mugs, plates, and towels
  • Calendars
  • Stickers
  • Mini keychain flask & photo holder
  • To-do list pad

Each Pusheen box is seasonally themed to match the quarter such as the holiday-themed box including festive Pusheen items.

And if you’re a collector, you might find long-term value in the unique and collectible nature of some of the items included in the Pusheen Box.

7 Benefits of Pusheen Box Subscription

1. Exclusive Items

Pusheen Boxes contain 100% exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else online or offline which makes the box very valuable to collectors.

2. Practical Items

Most contents of the Pusheen Box are fun and functional items that can be used in everyday life.

3. Seasonally Themed

The Pusheen Box is delivered every quarter so you will receive 4 exclusive boxes every year – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter boxes.

4. Great Surprise for Recipients

Pusheen Boxes are kept a secret until delivery so you won’t know what’s in it until you get it. That makes for a nice little surprise 4 times a year.

5. Free Shipping

Free shipping is offered for every Pusheen Box in certain countries.

6. Cancel Anytime. No Obligations

You can cancel your Pusheen Box subscription at any time without any obligations. You just have to make sure to cancel before the next box is scheduled to be sent out.

7. Convenient

You don’t need to hunt down Pusheen merchandise as the Pusheen Box delivers a wide range of goodies to your doorstep every quarter.

Example of a Previous Pusheen Box

How Much Is the Pusheen Subscription Box?

Each Pusheen Box is $52.95 + free shipping/quarter. 4 boxes a year come to $211.80.

Quarterly and annual plans are available. The annual plan is slightly cheaper than the quarterly plan.

You can specify the apparel size before you place the order. You can also order one box only and then cancel the subscription afterward.

How Do I Cancel my Pusheen Box Subscription?

If you opt for one Pusheen Box only, remember to go to subscriptions in your account and cancel before the next Pusheen Box is processed.

There is no automatic cancellation. You have to manually cancel it yourself.

What Countries Does Pusheen Box Ship To?

Pusheen Box ships to all US states and territories as well as the following countries:-

  • Europe – Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Gibraltar, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Portugal
  • Asia Pacific – Australia and New Zealand
  • North America – Canada
  • Middle East – Israel
  • Asia – Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore

Ready to put a huge smile on a Pusheen lover’s face? Get started with the Pusheen subscription box HERE.


Benefits of a pusheen subscription box. Great gift for Pusheen and cat lovers
Benefits of a Pusheen Subscription Box

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.

Antoinette M

Wednesday 20th of January 2021

This looks like a fun subscription box!


Friday 9th of October 2020

Thank you for the information. I have a daughter who loves this. I will be checking them out.