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7 Low-Cost International Nurses Day Celebration Ideas

International Nurses Day 2024 falls on Sunday, May 12 and if you’re looking for some great ideas to celebrate the day, check out the best International Nurses Day Celebration Ideas here

That article also shared some great gift ideas for nurses on International Nurses Day.

However, if you’re looking to celebrate International Nurses Day without spending money or spending very little, check out the thoughtful and practical ideas below:-

7 Low-Cost International Nurses Day Celebration Ideas 

How to Celebrate International Nurses Day Without Spending Money

No Cost International Nurses Day Ideas

1. Volunteer at Local Healthcare Facilities

Volunteer your time at local healthcare facilities or community centers. You don’t require medical qualifications to volunteer. 

You can assist with administrative tasks or other support services. 

2. Shout Out to Nurses Online

You can share inspiring stories, photos, videos, and more online about nurses who have made or are making a difference. 

And be sure to use the relevant hashtags to get the campaign going – #InternationalNursesDay, #ThankANurse, #NurseAppreciation, and #CelebrateNurses are some trendy ones. 

3. Perform Acts of Kindness

You can perform various acts of kindness for the nurses in your life or community. 

Such acts of kindness can include running errands, babysitting, cleaning the house, making lunch or dinner, and other household tasks or fixing something.

4. Raise Awareness

Raise awareness by signing online petitions regarding nurses’ rights and well-being.

You can also participate in campaigns to raise awareness about issues affecting nurses and other healthcare workers. 

Share educational resources, relevant articles, or infographics on social media. Don’t forget the relevant hashtags. 


Low-Cost International Nurses Day Ideas

5. DIY Gifts

Tap into your creative mindset to make a gift from materials you already have at home. It could be handmade cards, baked goods, or arts and crafts. 

6. Make a Donation 

You can donate in honor of nurses to your favorite medical charity or the International Council of Nurses.

No amount is too small. Your donations help support ICN and nurses around the world.

7. Offer Self-Care Services

If you provide self-care services such as fitness, yoga, meditation, etc, you can offer these services for free or at heavily discounted rates to the nurses in your community. 

No matter the size of your gesture this International Nurses Day, it will have an impact and make the day a meaningful and memorable occasion for celebrating nurses and their contributions to healthcare.

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