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65 Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Deciding on inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas shouldn’t be as tedious as it sounds or require you to compromise your budget to ensure quality.

With the 65 groomsmen gift ideas shared in this gift guide, you’ll find unique, and functional items that fit different personalities and don’t require you to break the bank.

The groomsmen gifts in this gift guide start from as little as $15 and go up from there.

And just because they are cheap groomsmen gifts doesn’t mean they look cheap. Scroll down to see for yourself!

65 Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas
Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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Tips for Choosing an Inexpensive Groomsmen Gifts

  • Always start with a budget. Don’t go gift shopping blind. Decide on how much you’re willing to spend on your groomsmen’s gifts and set this budget right at the start. Do not wait until the last minute to decide.
  • It should be personal and something that really speaks to each of your groomsmen’s personalities. You know them so you know what would suit them best. You likely will have to buy different gifts for each groomsman based on their personality.
  • While going for something unique and awesome, also remember to keep it practical so it’s something that would still be useful for other special occasions long after the wedding.

What Are Some Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas?

The 65 inexpensive groomsmen gift ideas in this gift guide include personalized gifts, proposal gifts, tech gifts, grooming gifts, subscription boxes, gift baskets, gift cards, and more.

Irrespective of the prices, they all show your groom’s party how much you appreciate their contribution to and participation in your special day.

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas – Personalized Gifts

Personalized groomsmen gifts show just how much you appreciate their contribution to the big day.

The gifts can have the wedding date and name of each groomsman as well as a heartfelt message. 

It could also include the position of each groomsman on the wedding train.

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas – Groomsman Proposal

Groomsmen proposals are a touching and fun way to ask your buddies and/or family members if they’d join your groom’s entourage on your wedding day.

And great groomsmen proposal gifts make awesome keepsakes too!

You can also buy an empty Groomsmen Proposal Box like this one and fill it up with little gift items.

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas – Gift Baskets

Gift baskets contain a nice selection of little items that are themed and address many interests and hobbies.

Not sure about the combination of gifts in the gift baskets above, you can customize a gift basket for your bros HERE

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas – Tech Gifts

Even though the gift suggestions are tech-related, they are not as expensive as you might think. They start from as low as $15.

There are also some high-end tech groomsmen gift ideas if you’re looking to splurge a little.

Tech gifts for groomsmen should be useful and practical not just pretty.

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas – Subscription Boxes

Choose an inexpensive subscription box to be delivered to your groomsmen every month for as long as you want.

You can order either a one-off subscription box or opt for delivery for a quarter or longer. It depends on your budget.

And quite a few of the subscription boxes below have introductory offers and/or free shipping.

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas – Grooming

Everybody likes looking good and you can keep your groomsmen looking sharp with one or more of these grooming gifts for groomsmen.

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas – More Ideas

Inexpensive Groomsmen Gift Ideas – Gift Cards

You can add a gift card as an extra touch to one or more of the gift items recommended in this groomsmen gift guide.

Happy wedding planning!

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.