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When is National Bikini Day 2024?

National Bikini Day is the perfect opportunity to head to the nearest or maybe the furthest beach, grab some sun therapy (don’t forget the sunscreen), or renew your bikini bod resolution!

What is National Bikini Day?

National Bikini Day is the anniversary of the invention of the bikini. The bikini was invented in 1946 by Parisian fashion designer, Louis Reard.

Slow to be adopted by the world initially, the bikini has grown to become an iconic representation of summertime fun in most countries. 

Though known as National Bikini Day, the day originated in France and not the USA so technically it’s International Bikini Day.

How To Celebrate National Bikini Day

Fun Fact – Marilyn Monroe posed in a bikini for the first time in the movie “How to Marry a Millionaire” in 1953. This move helped to popularize the bikini and encourage acceptance socially.

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When is National Bikini Day 2024?

National Bikini Day falls on Friday, July 5 this year which is just in time for summer awesomeness in a lot of places around the world. 

How To Celebrate National Bikini Day

If you’re thinking of celebrating National Bikini Day, or get a gift for someone who’s a total beach bum, here are some great ideas:-

Go Bikini Shopping

National Bikini Day is a good time for some swimwear retail therapy. 

Head over to swimwear stores for some deals or check out online stores for some new bikinis because you can never have too many of those. 

Some popular online destinations for bikinis and bikini accessories such as cover-ups and beach hats include:-

Happy National Bikini Day

Organize a Beach Day

Organize a beach day with your friends or family if you can get off work and head over to enjoy the sun and swim in your favorite bikini.

Don’t forget the snacks and cold drinks to make the day even more fun. 

Get Some Bikini Art for Your Walls

Bikini art is unique and looks great on any wall. It can be eclectic and enhance your decor. Here are some great bikini art pieces:- 

Vintage Swimsuit Watercolor Set

A minimalistic print of vintage swimsuit pieces (3 sets) in watercolor. Available in 9 different sizes. Learn more here.

Personalized Digital Art

This artist can create a digital art piece from your bikini photos. The artwork will be sent to you once created and up to 5 rounds of revisions provided. Learn more here.

Pool Day #3 – Original Oil Painting

This is an original hand-painted piece of art oil on canvas. It’s a modern and colorful piece that connotes inner peace. Learn more here.

African American Women Summer Bikini Art

A poster-style print from an original watercolor illustrating 3 African American women in various beach attire. Available in 7 different sizes. Learn more here.

Make it a Spa Day

Take yourself (or go with some friends) for a pampering session at the spa. Enjoy all the benefits of a spa day plus a soak in the hot tub in your bikini. 

Gifts for Beach Lovers

Here are some great gift ideas for beach lovers:-

Share Your Selfie Pic on Social Media

Take a selfie in your favorite bikini and share it on social media with a body-positivity message.

Don’t forget the appropriate hashtags – #NationalBikiniDay #BikiniBod

Don’t feel comfortable in a bikini? No problem. You can still wear a one-piece suit and join in the day! 

Happy National Bikini Day!

National Bikini Day Celebration Ideas

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.