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What To Gift Someone Who Likes One Piece?

Whether your recipient is a longtime fan or a new fan, you’ll find what to gift someone who likes One Piece in this comprehensive gift round-up. 

One Piece is currently making a great impact on Netflix with fans lauding the show as the best Netflix adaptation of any anime series!

Best One Piece Gifts for Him & Best One Piece Gifts for Her

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What is One Piece?

One Piece is a long-running Japanese manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda and Steven Maeda.

Set in a world of pirates, high seas, and exotic islands, Monkey D. Luffy and his crew are on a quest for the world’s ultimate treasure known as the “One Piece”.

Once Monkey discovers “One Piece” he will become the Pirate King. This highly successful series has a massive following worldwide.

And with a massive following comes collectibles, games, movies, cosplays, and much more merch. 

Amazing Fact – One Piece was launched in 1997 and is one of the bestselling Manga of all time

Best One Piece Gifts for Him & Best One Piece Gifts for Her

With the quick breakdown of One Piece above and what you know of your gift recipient, you should be able to pick the best One Piece gifts for him or her in this gift guide.

One Piece Box Sets

This amazing collection of One Piece’s first 23 volumes is a great place for new fans to start getting into the first two “sagas” of the One Piece story.

One Piece Collectible Figures

One Piece Collectible Figures are always popular to give as gifts to a One Piece fan and with so many characters in the series, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Popular collectible figures from the series include the would be Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy and his crew known as the Straw Hat Pirates.

There are also numerous allies, adversaries and side characters in the series to choose from. 


One Piece Sneakers

These sneakers are customized with intricate artwork that reflects the world of One Piece in beautiful designs.

Luffy Hand-Painted Canvas Shoes

The designs on these shoes are hand-drawn by the artist and you can customize the artwork, shoe laces, and other materials. Check it out here.

 Luffy Gear 2 Custom Shoes

Customizable Luffy Gear 2 Air Jordan’s available in black and white. Colorful and stylish for a new One Piece Fan. Check it out here.

Straw Hat Pirates Unisex Fashion Sneakers

White unisex fashion sneakers hand-painted with the Straw Hat Pirates characters. Leather upper with mesh lining construction. Check it out here.


One Piece Clothing

One Piece Clothing like hoodies, t-shirts, caps, beanies, socks, bandanas, pajamas, and more make a great statement piece for any fan. 

These well made wardrobe pieces can last for years and are a good addition to a collectibles set.


One Piece Posters & Wall Art

These beautiful pieces featuring iconic scenes, protagonists and adversaries from One Piece will look amazing on any wall. 


One Piece Drinkware

Fans can make beverage time even more enjoyable with a wide range of One Piece mugs, tumblers and glasses. 

Luffy and Sabo Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug and One Piece Straw Hat Crew Ceramic Coffee change to reveal some amazing One Piece characters when hot beverages are introduced. 

This One Piece Straw Hat Crew mug may not having heat changing abilities but it’s just as amazing with Monkey D. Luffy engraved on the other side.  

Straw Hat Crew Pirate Life Mug sports the straw hat emblem known as the Straw Hat Jolly Roger.

For cold drinks, check out these vacuum-insulated bounty tumblers or the taller insulated steel tumbler with a lid, straw, and handle.  


One Piece Funky Pops

Funko Pops make for great display pieces and are a good addition to a collectibles enthusiast collection. 

There are many Funko Pops of loved One Piece characters (including limited edited versions and exclusives) like Monkey D. Luffy NYCC 2023 Shared Exclusive in demand.  


One Piece Puzzles

These One Piece puzzles feature stunning images and sceneries, as well as characters from the series.

This Monkey D. Duffy Chronicles III 950 Piece Puzzle and Mosaic Art Jigsaw Puzzle finishes into beautiful pieces that can be hung.

One Piece Accessories 

Accessories like keychains, jewelry, wallets, and phone cases feature One Piece motifs in a stylish and elegant setting that make a great addition to any wardrobe. 

Some of the most popular One Piece accessories for him and her include:-

More One Piece Gift Ideas 

One Piece Customizable Blanket 

This One Piece handmade blanket is available in five sizes and flannel or sherpa material. Check it out here.

Monkey D. Luffy Phone Case

Featuring a dynamic illustration of Monkey D. Luffy, this One Piece phone case provides excellent protection for both Android (Samsung) and iOS phones. Check it out here.

One Piece Laser Engraved Bamboo Rolling Tray

Made from durable and lightweight bamboo, this tray provides loads of compartments for rolling accessories and more! Check it out here.

Wanted Dead or Alive Monkey D. Luffy LED Table Lamp

This acrylic One Piece table lamp is laser engraved and creates an optical 3D illusion that plays tricks on the eyes from afar. Check it out here.


The One Piece gift ideas shared in this article cover a wide range of budgets but be sure to check your recipient’s One Piece collection to make sure they don’t already have one of the items you have in mind. 

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.