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17 Exciting Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas With Amazon Explore

If you won’t get to see your mom or the mother figure in your life or for something different this Mother’s Day, how about sending over one or more of these virtual Mother’s Day ideas? And there’s a 30% discount on most of these experiences too!

These virtual Mother’s Day ideas are offered via Amazon Explore, a new interactive and immersive service. 

Giving a virtual experience as a Mother’s Day gift could be one of the gifts you get Mom and not just the only one BTW. Your imagination is the limit.


This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.

When is Mother’s Day 2023?

Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year. In 2023, it will be on Sunday, May 14th in most countries around the world. 

Other countries have different dates honoring parents every year. You can see a  breakdown of all those countries and dates HERE.  

What is Amazon Explore?

Amazon Explore is an interactive live-streaming experience that will allow anyone to learn, shop, and discover new places and experiences around the world right from their computer. 

With the virtual experiences offered for Mother’s Day, mom can visit her favorite city, learn something new, and shop for gifts she’ll love right from the comfort of her computer. 

How Do Amazon Virtual Mother’s Day Experiences Work?

Once you’ve booked the virtual experience of your choice, you need to let Mom know the date and time of the virtual experience and what’s required.

All virtual experiences require a laptop or desktop computer, a high-speed internet connection, speakers or headphones, and an updated browser.

On virtual experience day, Mom’s computer will be connected to the host’s smartphone who will then lead viewers through the experience.

All virtual experiences need to be booked at least 24 hours in advance so the host has enough time to prepare. 

To notify Mom of the virtual experience, you can send her an electronic card with the details. You can find design templates for this on DIY design apps like Canva Pro.


Top Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas

There are tons of virtual Mother’s Day ideas available but below are the top 17 experiences that most moms love! And virtual experiences make great last-minute gift ideas too.

The 30% discount is a limited offer and the promotion ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on May 8, 2022. The offers are available only to customers in the US.

1. Design Luxury Jewelry With Parisian Artist Virtual Experience 


In this exclusive virtual experience, mom will be able to experience handcrafted jewelry with a Parisian artist in an atelier. 

The jewelry created is also included in the package and shipped across after the experience. 

This virtual experience package can also be upgraded to include additional jewelry design experiences. LEARN MORE.

2. Guided Tour of Old Quebec City Virtual Experience 


On this guided virtual tour of old Quebec City, Mom can discover why UNESCO has designated it one of the world heritage cities.

Mom will explore the unique architecture adapted by the French to fit local constraints and evolve into a unique French Canadian style. LEARN MORE.

3. Pretty French Macarons Made Easy Virtual Experience 


With Pretty French Macarons Made Easy Virtual Experience, Mom can enjoy a private session learning how to create gorgeous and authentic French macarons from a bakery in Montreal. 

The Lincoln Apartment Bakery also shares secrets that will help Mom master the meringue and techniques for creating macarons worthy of a Parisian bakery. LEARN MORE.

4. Get To Know Australia’s Cuddliest Critters Virtual Experience


Mom can get up close to a Koala, hand feed a Kangaroo, and meet all of her favorite Australian animals in an outdoor bush setting in Sydney, Australia.

She can enjoy an interactive and immersive experience with her own guide and learn about Australian marsupials. LEARN MORE.

5. Wine Appreciation with a Professional Sommelier Virtual Experience 


Learn and explore all about wine in a fun and interactive way with a professional sommelier in this virtual experience

By the end of the virtual experience, Mom will be able to assess wine like a professional wine expert. LEARN MORE.

6. Explore Magnificent Florence Virtual Experience


In this virtual experience, Mom can explore one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence. 

From the magnificent Duomo to the Piazza della Signoria to the Uffizi Palace and so much more awaits with the Magnificent Florence virtual experience. LEARN MORE

7. Shop the Streets of Melbourne Virtual Experience 


Melbourne is considered Australia’s premier shopping destination and Mom can explore the vibrancy, cultural influences, and more in this virtual experience.

The virtual experience includes the opportunity to shop and support local and independent designers. LEARN MORE

8. Explore and Practice Zen Virtual Experience


This virtual experience provides a crash course in Zen Buddhism in a 700-year-old Zen temple in Kyoto.

You’ll be able to practice a short meditation in the temple’s garden and discover traditional Japanese architecture. LEARN MORE.

9. Mexican Salsas Interactive Cooking Class Virtual Experience 


Salsa is a key element in authentic Mexican food and this particular food has so many flavor profiles and characters. 

With a professional Mexican chef, mom can explore all the secrets of salsa making and authentic Mexican cuisine. LEARN MORE.

10. Sip Cocktails Across Argentina Virtual Experience 


Mom can immerse herself in these booze basics all the way from Buenos Aires. 

The host makes an introduction to local classics, old favorites and imparts some great bartending secrets. LEARN MORE.

11. Grape Harvesting in Argentina Virtual Experience 


In this fascinating experience, a guide will take Mom through Mendoza’s wine heritage over 50 acres of beautiful lush vineyards and cherry orchards.

The vineyard is also home to birds such as parakeets, lapwings, sparrows, and owls. LEARN MORE.

The 30% discount on all virtual experiences recommended above is applied automatically upon checkout. 

Below are more Mother’s Day virtual experiences in case you don’t find something you think Mom would like above. 

Note – there are no discounts applicable on the Mother’s Day virtual experiences below.

12. Discover Viking Valley Virtual Experience


In this amazing virtual experience, Mom can explore the village of Njardarheimr (Viking Valley) in Norway and discover life in the style of the Vikings.

The experience includes stunning views of the UNESCO-listed Naeroyfjord. LEARN MORE.

13. Ancient Ruins of Pompeii Virtual Experience 


If mom is a history buff, this virtual tour through the ancient ruins of Pompeii where history is preserved immaculately makes a wonderful gift.

There are also opportunities to examine archaeological excavations. LEARN MORE.

14. Shop & Stroll Through Tokyo’s Most Historic Neighborhood Virtual Experience 


Take a stroll through the historic Sensoji neighborhood in Tokyo and shop for iconic items like chopsticks, fans, and pottery with this virtual experience. 

Items you purchase are shipped to you after the experience starting from $16/box. LEARN MORE.

15. Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, Oh My Virtual Experience 


In this calligraphy virtual experience, Mom will learn how to design a nameplate in kanji characters.

Once the nameplate is created, it will be hand-written by a professional artisan and shipped to Mom. The nameplates range from $20 – $95. LEARN MORE.

16. From Samurai to Silverware Virtual Experience 


Mom can discover the ancient art form of Japanese traditional silver artisan techniques in this virtual experience.

On the journey, she can also design her own silver pendant necklace which will be created by a professional artisan and shipped to her afterward. LEARN MORE.

17. Mexican Street Snacks Virtual Experience


The Mexican street snacks virtual experience involves learning how to make Sope, one of the most popular Mexican snacks with a professionally trained chef.

No prior cooking experience with Mexican cooking is required to enjoy this immersive experience. LEARN MORE.


Is Amazon Explore Free?

Amazon Explore isn’t free. Virtual experiences are available in a group setting or as private sessions. 

If you shop or create anything, you will also need to pay for the items as well as shipping fees. 

Where is Amazon Explore Available?

Currently, Amazon Explore experiences are only available to customers in the US. 

More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.


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