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22+ Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas – DIY Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, you’ve probably got all the gifts and other goodies on lockdown and may be in the process of planning out a few Valentine’s Day dessert. 

These Valentine’s Day dessert ideas will make a stunning finish to any Valentine’s Day meal. 

They are simple and easy dessert ideas and don’t take that long to knock up. Nothing says I love you quite like a perfect dessert. 

22 Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas, DIY Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas

1. 3 Ingredient Valentine’s Cookie Pops

3 Ingredient Valentines Cookie Pops

Get this recipe from Mom Junky. You will need Wilton Color Mist and Wilton Treat sticks to make this recipe happen. 

2. Budget Valentine Chocolates

Budget Valentine Chocolates

Get the recipe for this gorgeous gift from Fab Food 4 All. You can get chocolate gift boxes similar to the ones in the picture HERE

heart shaped tin boxes

Heart Shaped Tin Boxes

3. Chocolate-Dipped Monster Valentine Rice Krispie Treats

Chocolate-Dipped Monster Valentine Rice Krispie Treats

Get these treats with a twist from Shrimp Salad Circus. This recipe requires individually-wrapped Rice Krispies treats, Wilton Candy Melts, and lollipop sticks.

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4. Blood Orange Margarita 

Blood Orange Margarita valentine's day drinks

Get this valentine’s day drink recipe from Become Betty. You will require tequila, blood orange juice, simple syrup and lime juice for this recipe. 

5. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries

Get this recipe from Maine Cook. Quick, easy and impressive. You will require loads of fresh strawberries and different toppings like melting chocolate and coconut flakes for this recipe. 

6. Chocolate Cut Out Cookies

Chocolate Cut Out Cookies

Get this recipe from Attainable Sustainable. You will require granulated organic cane sugarvanilla extractall-purpose flour, and cocoa powder among others for this recipe. 

7. Cupid’s Arrows


Strike the right note in your loved one’s heart with this cute cupid bows from Our Wabisabi Life. You will need gumdrop hearts and thin pretzel sticks for this recipe. 

8. DIY Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

DIY Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

Get this chocolate covered gummy bear recipe from A Little Knick, A Little Knack. You will need a big bag of gummy bearssprinkles and melting chocolate

9. Flourless Chocolate Cakes


Get this flourless chocolate cake recipe from Claudia Canu. Gluten-free and sweetened with honey, you don’t have to blow the diet for this recipe. 

10. Godiva Chocolate Truffle

Godiva Chocolate Truffles

Elevate the taste of traditional Godiva dark chocolate chips with this truffle recipe. Get this recipe at Pink Fortitude

11. Healthy Homemade Jello Fruit & Veggie Snack

Healthy Homemade Jello Fruit & Veggie Snack

This jello snack is healthy and vegan. Get the recipe from Food Meanderings. You will need a heart-shaped cookie cutter for this recipe. 

heart shaped cookie cutter

Heart Cookie Cutter (Set of 5)

12. Heart Shaped Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies Treats

Heart Shaped Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies Treats

Get the chocolate dipped Rice Krispies treat recipe from Honey and Lime. Make someone’s heart melt this valentine with this simple recipe.

13. Homemade Pop Tarts

Homemade Pop Tarts

Get the recipe for these pop tarts from Amber Oliver. The recipe features Cherry Honey Fruit Spread by Nature’s Nate

14. Pistachio Blondies with Raspberry Swirl Hearts

Pistachio Blondies with Raspberry Swirl Hearts

Get the recipe for these pistachio blondies on Veggie Desserts. Perfectly topped with ice cream, raspberry puree, and chopped pistachios.

15. Red Velvet Candy Hearts

Red Velvet candy hearts

Get this recipe from Just a Little Creativity. Featuring fun seasonal flavors in red and white from M & Ms, this dessert will lift anyone’s spirit. 

16. Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies

A twist on the traditional red velvet cake, get this from scratch cookie recipe from Spaceships & Laser Beams

17. Strawberry Jam Cookies

Strawberry Jam Cookies

Get the recipe for these strawberry jam cookies from Pina Bresciani. You will require high-quality jam like this one to make this recipe stand out. 

18. Love Potion Drink

Love potion drink

This love potion drink from Gay Globetrotter is a perfect complement to your valentine’s day dinner.

Featuring cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, grenadine, a splash of orange juice and strawberry hearts. 

Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas - DIY Gift Ideas

19. No Bake Oreo Balls

No Bake Oreo Balls, valentine's day dessert

Get the recipe for the no-bake oreo balls from This Ole Mum. This recipe requires Oreo Golden Sandwich Cookies.

20. Three Chocolate Truffles

valentines day Chocolate Truffles

This chocolate truffle recipe is rich, creamy and delectable. Featuring three types of chocolate truffles:-

  • Dark chocolate truffles with cardamom and herbal liqueur
  • Dark Chocolate Truffles with Lavender and Honey
  • White chocolate hearts with lemon, pistachio,  and black pepper

Get the recipe for all three truffles on Happy Kitchen Rocks

21. Valentine’s Day Cat Cookies

Valentine’s Day Cat Cookies

These heart shaped cat cookies are the cutest. Get this recipe from Food Meanderings. You can make it in different sizes too for versatility.

22. Valentine’s Day Surprise Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day Surprise Cupcakes recipe

Everybody loves cupcakes but how about pinata cupcakes. This creative cupcake contains cute heart-shaped candy.

A great valentine’s day surprise. Get the recipe for the pinata cupcake on Mama Loves to Eat

23. Valentine’s Day Cupid Arrow Pancake Kabobs

Valentine’s Day Cupid Arrow Pancake Kabobs

A valentine’s day breakfast idea that could also work as a dessert. Featuring blueberries, strawberries, clementines, and pancakes. 

Get the recipe for the pancake kabobs on This Ole Mom.

24. Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes with Perfectly Pink Beet-Dyed Coconut Cream Frosting

Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes with Perfectly Pink Beet-Dyed Coconut Cream Frosting

These cupcakes are vegan, gluten-free, paleo-friendly and low in sugar. All the taste with almost none of the calories. Get this recipe on Just Beet It

25. Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Truffles

Vegan Strawberry Chocolate Truffles

This vegan truffle recipe calls from strawberry jam instead of fresh strawberries for a great finish. Get the recipe on Rihan’s Recipes.

A little bit of something for almost every tastebud on this DIY gift idea list. Get inspired to make these desserts just in time for valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

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Monday 11th of January 2021

That Godiva truffle looks goodt! lol


Thursday 14th of February 2019

Hi Abi - What a great roundup for Valentine's Day. PINNED! Thank you for including my Godiva Truffles. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly


Thursday 14th of February 2019

You're welcome :)