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Best Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Day

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a special Teacher Appreciation Day, the answer is yes but this happens on many different days of the year.

As the name suggests, teacher’s day is a special day set aside to thank teachers for all their dedication, hard work, and all the difference they make in imparting knowledge.

Like Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day varies from country to country and occurs at different times throughout the year. In some places, the celebration goes on for up to a week.

Most countries celebrate World Teacher’s Day on 5 October. This day was established by UNESCO in 1994. In some countries, Teacher Appreciation Day is also referred to as National Teacher’s Day.

Best Teacher Appreciation Day Gifts

When is Teacher Appreciation Day?

For a complete breakdown of Teacher Appreciation Day by country, visit this information page – List of Teachers’ Days.

What Do You Give for Teacher Appreciation Day?

So many people give teachers soaps, lotions, perfume sets, etc but there are other imaginative and unique gifts as well.

Here are 20 plus best gifts that teachers would really love to receive on Teacher Appreciation Day and you don’t have to break the bank for the gift either:-

Best Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Day Necklace

Teacher Appreciation Necklace

This teacher appreciation necklace displays a lovely interpretation of what it means to be a teacher. The necklace is 17 inches and available in silver, rose gold, and gold finish.

Free shipping available. See more about the teach appreciation necklace HERE.

Teacher Appreciation Day Totes

Teacher Appreciation Totes

A tote is a versatile gift that can be customized with a message just for the special teacher you have in mind.

Below are some basic totes with a standard message. Click each one to view colors and customizations available:-

Cotton Eco-friendly Custom Tote for teacher appreciation day

Cotton Eco-friendly Custom Tote

Cotton Canvas Tote, teacher appreciation day

Cotton Canvas Tote

Tote and Tumbler Set, teacher appreciation day

Tote and Tumbler Set

There, They’re, Their Tote Bag

There, They’re, Their Tote Bag

An English or Literature teacher would totally love this. You can find even more gift ideas for an English or Literature teacher at Cool Gifts for the Grammar Police in Your Life.

Monogrammed Carry All Bag

Monogrammed Carry All Bag

Carry all bags are simple and practical yet have a touch of elegance. They are multipurpose and can be used for everything.

Monogram with your favorite teacher’s initials or full name. See more about customization options and buy HERE.

Teacher Thank You Letter

Teacher Thank You Letter

For a super tight budget, consider this inexpensive yet thoughtful teacher thank you letter. Great appreciation gift for a pre-schooler to give a teacher.

This gift also has a few customization options and is available as an instant download. See more about the teacher’s thank you letter and buy HERE.

Teacher’s Survival Kit Gift

Teacher's Survival Kit Gift

Cute tin the size of an Altoids tin for urgent teacher supplies like an eraser, tic tac, Advil, wipes, pins, and much more.

The tin arrives empty so you can fill it up with your own items. See more about the tin and buy HERE.

Teacher Printable Quotes Card Bundle

Teacher Printable Quotes Card Bundle

This bundle includes 4 printable quotes. The cards can be printed or sent as an e-card and are available in various formats. See more about the printable bundle HERE.

Teacher Appreciation Day Tumbler

Teacher Appreciation Tumbler

Unique tumbler in a vibrant blue color engraved with a positive image and message.

The tumbler is made out of stainless steel, is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It also comes with a gorgeous card.

See more about the teacher appreciation tumbler and buy HEREOther variations of a teacher appreciation tumbler with a lovely message include:-

Wine Tumbler with Lid and Straw, teacher appreciation day

Wine Tumbler with Lid and Straw

Be Awesome Teacher Tumbler

Be Awesome Teacher Tumbler

Best Teacher Ever Make Up Bag

Best Teacher Ever Make Up Bag

Makeup bag, which also doubles up as a pencil case. Made out of cotton canvas and features a black zipper with a silver pull. See more about the makeup bag and buy HERE.

Best Teacher Chocolate Bars

Best Teacher Chocolate Bars

Is your teacher a known chocoholic? This gift is perfect! The message on the bar can be customised too. You can buy one but you get a great discount if you buy more.

And if you’re a chocoholic too, nothing wrong in appreciating yourself by buying one for you!

You can also buy the chocolate separately and go for this unique chocolate wrapper, which also includes gift tags. 

For more gift ideas for a chocoholic teacher, check out 18 Irresistible Gifts for Chocoholics.

Teacher Appreciation Day Ring Dish

Teacher Appreciation Ring Dish

Gorgeous jewelry dish made out of polymer clay and engraved with an appreciation message. Perfect for other little knick-knacks like coins, pins, keys, etc.

The dish is also available in different colors. See more about the teacher appreciation ring dish HERE.

Teacher Appreciation Day Art

Teacher Appreciation Art with student names

Teacher appreciation art is available in so many different forms, which gives lots of unique options to show a teacher how much you appreciate them.

One option is this printable poster with all the student’s names. See more about this poster and buy HERE. Other variations include:-

Custom Hand Drawn Caricature Portrait

Custom Hand Drawn Caricature Portrait

Teacher Appreciation Engraved Wood Carving

Teacher Appreciation Engraved Wood Carving

Framed Crayons Teacher Appreciation Gift

Framed Crayons Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Cards – Amazon

Amazon Gift Card for teacher appreciation day

Sometimes, no matter how hard you brainstorm, you just aren’t happy with any of the gift ideas for your teacher. How about an Amazon gift card?

Your teacher can then pick up what he or she wants. A gift card also means less clutter on a teacher’s desk.

Amazon gift cards are available in amounts ranging from $10 to any amount you have in mind.

The gift card comes in a mini envelope. See more about the Amazon gift card and buy HERE.

If you would like it to be a little bit prettier in a classic black box, have a look at this option HERE.

Teacher Appreciation Day Gift Cards – Etsy

Not a fan of Amazon? Opt for Etsy gift cards instead. Etsy has different denominations and currencies as well as various card designs.

You can send to the recipient directly or have it sent to you as a printable PDF. BUY HERE

Every teacher loves a little appreciation, whether on the designated official teacher appreciation day or on any other day of the year.

Teacher Appreciation Day – Amazon Wish List

You can find more ideas for gifting your favorite teacher by taking a look at the teacher’s Amazon Wish List or snooping an invite. 

Find out more about finding a teacher’s wish list on Amazon at How to Find Someone’s Amazon Wish List

For more teacher gift ideas, check out 15 Best Teacher Subscription Boxes.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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Antoinette M

Wednesday 16th of June 2021

So many great options. I love the necklace & day totes!