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25 Plus Pusheen Gifts – Plush, Slippers, Mugs, Blankets, and More!

These Pusheen gifts list features the best Pusheen slippers, Pusheen pillows, Pusheen books, Pusheen plush, and much more.

Pusheen is a popular cartoon kitty. She’s so popular and adored that she’s got her own TV show, Pusheen website, and a wide range of merchandise.

Let’s face it, Pusheen is super cute and anything Pusheen-related would look gorgeous at home or on the go.

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25 Plus Pusheen Gifts
25 Plus Pusheen Gift Ideas

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.

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What is Pusheen Exactly?

Pusheen is a cartoon kitty created by artists Claire Belton and Andrew Duff in 2010 for a comic strip on their website named “Everyday Cute”.

There are several Pusheen characters currently with their own features and personalities with Pusheenicorn being the most popular character.

Fun fact – there are currently over 100 Pusheen designs in the world.

Who Are All the Pusheen Characters?

There are 6 different characters in the world of Pusheen:-


Pusheen is a lazy pug who loves adventures. Sometimes Pusheen will blog or eat table scraps when no one is looking.

One of Pusheen’s favorite places to relax after an adventure is your bed!


Cheek is a happy hamster. He likes to bake and share the treats with his friends.

His friends always tell him that he is making small treats for them because they are too nice to say no to any of them!


Pip is adventurous, fearless, and frequently causes trouble.

His favorite hobby is following his big sisters around copying them asking questions on how to be a wolf when he grows up.


Sloth is not in a hurry. He wants to hang out with his friends and enjoy what life has to offer him.

Sometimes it can be hard for you when Sloth is slow, but when you get used to how he does things, everything will seem better again!


Stormy is Pusheen’s little sister and best friend. Stormy likes to go on adventures, do intellectual things, and groom herself.

She wants to be like Pusheen so she can be a good role model for Pip. Stormy is my favorite Pusheen character BTW. :)


Bo is a small, bluebird. Bo has big dreams of becoming an interior designer and finding her soulmate.

In the meantime, she spends time daydreaming about decorating homes for dolls and developing crushes on other birds.

Best Pusheen Gifts for Special Occasions

Pusheen Gifts – Stuffed Plush

1. Pusheenicorn Plush Stuffed Animal Rainbow  

Pusheenicorn Plush Stuffed Animal Rainbow

This 13″ Pusheenicorn is bright and colorful. It has a rainbow mane, tail, and unicorn horn with sparkles all around it.

This stuffed animal gives you the most amazing cuddles ever! Best of all, it can be washed with water to make cleaning up after these fun adventures easy. BUY NOW.

2. Pusheen Snackables Birthday Cupcake Plush 

Pusheen Snackables Birthday Cupcake Plush

This soft and huggable Pusheen birthday cupcake plush makes the perfect gift for not just Christmas but birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, or any other special occasion.

Pusheen Snackables Plush has an embroidered cupcake attached to it. It is also available with a donut, ice cream, pizza, and popcorn. BUY NOW.

3. Pusheen and Stormy Plush 

Pusheen and Stormy Plush Stuffed Animals Collector

Pusheen and Stormy Plush are the perfect pair to celebrate Christmas with! The gift pack shows the sisters in a decorative gift box with a window-style display. BUY NOW.

4. Pusheen with Sloth Plush 

Pusheen with Sloth Plush Stuffed Animal

This 2-in-1 plush features a 13’” Sloth hugging a detachable Pusheen, the chubby gray tabby cat who loves cuddles from the popular webcomic.

The perfect gift for any lover of this adorable fat kitty! BUY NOW.

5. Pusheen Snackable Popcorn Cat Stuffed Plush 

Pusheen Snackables Popcorn Cat Stuffed Plush

This 9.5” Pusheen plush is ready to watch her favorite shows with some popcorn that is fluffy and irresistible.

Her bag for popcorn is adorably detailed too and she can have enough snacks to make it through the finale! BUY NOW.

Pusheen Gifts – Slippers

6. Pusheen Cat Plush Stuffed Animal Slippers 

Pusheen Cat Plush Stuffed Animal Slippers

These soft plush slippers have embroidered details of Pusheen’s iconic face and are made from a comfortable material that meets GUND quality standards.

They are easy to wash after long days of work or school too. One size fits most and is a unisex design. BUY NOW.

7. Pusheen Women’s Slide-On Slippers 

Pusheen Women's Slide-On Slippers

These gorgeous pair of Pusheen slide-on slippers have a purple interior with a grey exterior and the famous cat embroidered on them.

Available in medium and large sizes and they are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle. BUY NOW.

Pusheen Gifts – Mugs, Bowls & Drinkware

8. Pusheen Polka Dot Coffee Mug  

Pusheen Polka dot Coffee Mug

Pusheen fans and coffee lovers alike will love this mug. It has a cute Pusheen graphic on it that will brighten up anyone’s mornings.

The 12 oz Pusheen coffee mug is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe so you can use it at home or when you are out. BUY NOW.

9. Pusheen Sculpted Mug  

Pusheen Sculpted Mug

This Pusheen sculpted mug will make a fun gift for cat lovers. It has a 16-ounce capacity.

The mug ships in a cute decorative gift box that also doubles as storage, so you can keep the mugs safe when not in use. BUY NOW.

10. Things Pusheen Loves Stoneware Coffee Mug 

Things Pusheen Loves Stoneware Coffee Mug

Pusheen is the cutest little cat in internet history, and now you can drink your morning coffee with her front and center!

This mug features Pusheen doing all of her favorite things like eating ice cream, playing dress-up, or hanging with friends.

The mug is made from high-quality materials that are dishwasher safe, has a 12 oz capacity, and ships in an adorable decorative gift box. BUY NOW.

11. Pusheen Ramen Bowl and Chopsticks Set  

Pusheen Ramen Bowl and Chopsticks Set

This Pusheen bowl and chopsticks set is adorable. The bowl is made from durable stoneware while the chopsticks are made from bamboo.

The pink and brown set arrives ready for gifting. BUY NOW.

There is also a different design as a rice bowl and in green. Check it out HERE.

Pusheen Rice Bowl with Chopsticks

12. Pusheen Cat Catpusheeno Cup  

Pusheen Cat Catpusheeno Cup

The mint Whemoalus Pusheen Cat mug is a massive 18 oz capacity and displays the famous cat enjoying a mini cup of tea.

The word “catpusheeno” is also engraved on the mug. It’s made out of ceramic and ships in a ready-to-gift box. BUY NOW.

13. Pusheen Pastel Thermos   

Pusheen Pastel Thermos

How super cute is this Pusheen stainless steel thermos? It keeps beverages hot or cold for up to 4 hours and has a 9.5 oz capacity.

The Pusheen outer shells make the thermos easy to grip and it’s completed with 3D whiskers. BUY NOW.

Pusheen Gifts – Books & Coloring Books

14. Pusheen Coloring Book  

Pusheen Cat Coloring Book

Pusheen returns to the limelight in this fun and relaxing coloring book that will get your creativity flowing.

This adorable set of pages is perfect for cat lovers and coloring book fans. Features 96 pages of the Internet’s most famous tabby and her friends. BUY NOW.

15. Mini Pusheen Coloring Book  

Mini Pusheen Coloring Book

This Pusheen coloring book is a mini version with wacky pictures. There are 96 perforated pages so people can tear out their work and frame it once coloring is done.

This would be a good gift for someone who loves cats or likes to color. BUY NOW.

16. I Am Pusheen the Cat Book 

I Am Pusheen the Cat Book

I Am Pusheen the Cat is a collection of kitty comics featuring Pusheen in her element having fun and enjoying herself.

The book features the most popular stories from Pusheen’s digital pages as well as never-before-seen material.

The book is 192 pages and is available in paperback or as a hardcover. BUY NOW.

17. Pusheen Positivity Journal 

Pusheen Positivity Journal

The Pusheen Positivity Journal is sure to lift your spirits. Designed to help you practice gratitude, self-love, and pawsitivity while interacting with Pusheen and the gang!

The journal includes 50+ guided prompts, space for making lists and journaling, and self-care ideas. BUY NOW.

18. The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat 

The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat

The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat features all of Pusheen’s alter egos – unicorn, dragon, alien, mermaid, dinosaur, and more.

This book is available in paperback and is a perfect fit for cat lovers and comic fans. BUY NOW.

Pusheen Gifts – Blankets

19. Pusheen The Cat Plush Throw Blanket 

Pusheen The Cat Plush Throw Blanket

This Pusheen fluffy fleece throw blanket set features images of mermaid Pusheen in various poses.

The blanket is super warm and extra soft in high-quality microfiber material. BUY NOW.

20. Pusheen Eating Candy Treats Throw Blanket 

Pusheen Character Eating Candy Treats Throw Blanket

The soft fleece blanket features Pusheen eating a collection of candy treats. It’s a reversible design and can be used as a cute kawaii blanket or Pusheen bedding!

The set is also available with Pusheenicorn sleeping on the moon, Pusheen sleeping with snacks, and Pusheen eating Pizza. BUY NOW.

21. Pusheen The Cat Soft Fleece Blanket 

Pusheen The Cat Soft Fleece Blanket

Featuring Pusheen, clouds, and hearts, this fleece blanket is sure to send anyone straight to dreamland.

It’s a multicolored design with pink embroidered edges and is made of 100% polyester. BUY NOW.

Pusheen Gifts – More Gift Ideas

22. Pusheen 2024 Wall Calendar 

Enjoy Pusheen every day of the year with this 2024 wall calendar. The full-colored calendar features thirteen fun & funky illustrations of Pusheen.

It also includes a set of Pusheen stickers and utilizes vintage fonts and a retro vibe design.

There’s a grid to add appointments, reminders, and important dates too! BUY NOW.

Prefer a desktop calendar instead? Check out the 2024 Pusheen Pastel Desktop Calendar.

23. Pusheen The Cat Ankle Socks 

Pusheen The Cat Ankle Socks

Pusheen is on the move! These socks are super cute and show food that she likes, such as ice cream, candy, and cupcakes.

The designs come in her favorite colors with hearts sprinkled throughout to show you some love.

The set features 5 pairs of soft cozy spandex ankle socks. BUY NOW.

24. Pusheen Family Gathering Set  

Pusheen Family Gathering Collector Set

Pusheen’s parents are coming to town! Get ready for some family time with Pusheen’s mom and dad who are both featured in her webcomic.

Help them spend the day on a date by getting all dressed up and choosing their favorite place together! BUY NOW.

25. Pusheen Cat Earmuffs 

Pusheen Cat Plush Stuffed Animal Earmuffs

These Pusheen earmuffs are super detailed and are made from soft, huggable plush material.

The headband is adjustable and suitable for ages 3 and up. BUY NOW. Pair the earmuffs with this Pusheen Beanie Hat.

26. Pusheen Coin Purse 

Pusheen Coin Purse

Store all your loose change in this crossbody coin purse featuring Pusheen’s iconic face in a soft plush material.

The purse is lined and includes a detachable pink strap with a lobster clasp. Easily change the purse from a crossbody to a clutch. BUY NOW.

27. Pusheen Cat Charm Necklace 

Pusheen Cat Charm Necklace

Everyone’s favorite chubby cat looks very loveable in this hand-finished Pusheen cat charm necklace.

The charm necklace is made out of 925 sterling silver and features Pusheen’s distinct features. BUY NOW.

28. Pusheen Mermaid Trinket Tray 

Pusheen “Mermaid” Stoneware Trinket Tray

Featuring Pusheen’s mermaid alter ego, this trinket tray is made out of stoneware and shaped like the character as well.

The trinket tray is dishwasher and microwave safe and ships in a decorative gift box. BUY NOW.

29. Pusheen Notebook 

Pusheen Notebook

Make taking notes fun with the spiral-bound Pusheen notebook. Each lined page features a picture of Pusheen taking a nap.

The back of the notebook features Pusheen dancing to music. BUY NOW.

Have an awesome Pusheen shopping experience!

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.