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Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Moana

Almost everyone has seen Moana and of course, everyone with kids has seen it multiple times. If they love Moana, they are going to love one or more of these creative Moana gifts.

These gifts work for a birthday, Christmas, or just because gift.

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Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Moana

Best Moana Gifts

1. Baby Moana Sippy Cup

Baby Moana Sippy Cup

Baby Moana sippy cup finished with epoxy and glitter. Cup can be personalized with up to two names. Sure to delight any baby. GET IT HERE.

2. Moana Custom Tank

Moana Birthday Tank

White racer back fringe tank top customized with a picture of Moana. Available for toddlers up to older kids sizes. GET IT HERE.

3. Moana Adventure Doll

Moana Adventure Doll

Beautiful Moana doll dressed in the iconic outfit from the movie. Includes a flower hair clip with necklace and accessories to match.

The Moana doll is 14 inches tall and best for kids over 3. GET IT HERE.

4. Moana Plush Doll

Moana Plush Doll

Moana doll made with plush sculpting and embroidered features. The doll wears a print fabric costume with a necklace and felt flower in her hair.

The doll is 12 inches tall and best for kids over 3. GET IT HERE.

5. Girl’s Moana Nightgown

Girl’s Moana Nightgown

This bright nightgown should inspire adventure-filled dreams. The nightgown is long-sleeved with a crew neckline and ruffle bottom.

It is available in different sizes from 12 months to 12 years old. GET IT HERE.

6. Girls’ Moana Panty Set

Girls' Moana Panty Set

Set of 7 panties with different Moana themed imprints. The set is made out of 100% cotton. GET IT HERE.

7. Moana Back to School Essentials Set

Moana Back to School Essentials Set

Moana themed back to school set containing a backpack, lunch bag, water bottle, pencil case, and key holder. GET IT HERE.

8. Moana Girl’s Plush A-Line Slippers  

Moana Girl's Plush A-Line Slippers 

A delightful set of plush slippers toddlers and younger kids. Featuring screen printed images of Moana with appliqué and bow details.

The slippers have slip-resistant soles, soft plush texture, and faux fur. Comfortable and fun to play in. GET IT HERE.

9. Moana Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

Moana Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Make drinking water fun with this leak-proof Moana themed water bottle. The bottle is BPA-free and made of break-resistant stainless steel.

It has a loop for easy carrying and fits in most car cup holders. Recommended for kids over 3 years old. GET IT HERE.

The stainless steel water bottle can also be paired with this Moana themed fork and spoon flatware set

10. Moana Analog-Quartz Watch 

Moana Analog-Quartz Watch

This timepiece makes learning to tell time fun with the beloved Moana on the face.

The watch has a polished and matte steel finish. It comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. GET IT HERE.

11. Moana Watercolor Set

Moana Watercolor Set

Brighten up the little one’s room with this set of Moana themed water cooler prints.

The set can be purchased as print only or mounted on canvas. The design can also be customized. GET IT HERE.

12. Moana Music Box 

Moana Music Box

Birch plywood and laser engraved music box belting out the song “How Far I’ll Go.”

The handle is hand-cranked to play the favorite song. The box can be personalized with a name or other text. GET IT HERE.

13. Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

Magical Seashell Necklace

Moana’s iconic blue shell necklace lights up with a soft green glow when opened up. The necklace can also light up at the press of a button when closed.

Requires 3 button cell batteries (included) and best for kids over 3 years old. GET IT HERE.

14. Moana Canteen 

Moana Canteen

Moana is screen printed on this translucent canteen bottle with a flexible sipper straw and convenient wrist strap.

The canteen bottle holds 12 oz of water. GET IT HERE.

15. Moana Pajamas Set 

Moana Pajamas Set

It’s fun to go to bed in this elastane pajamas set features a large print of Moana with tropical details on the top.

The bottoms have a Moana themed pattern. GET IT HERE.

16. Moana Blue 12 Inch Backpack School Bag

Moana Blue 12 Inch Toddler Backpack School Bag

This 12-inch backpack is roomy and fits all school essentials. The backpack has padded shoulders and is made out of fabric. Perfect for toddlers. GET IT HERE.

17. Moana Inspired Dress 

Moana Inspired Dress

Moana inspired dress made out of milk silk. Available in different sizes up to size 8. GET IT HERE.

18. Moana Swim Bag for Kids

Moana Swim Bag for Kids

Cute bag for all the little one’s things when it’s time to go swimming by the pool or on the beach. GET IT HERE.

19. Moana Tutu Set 

Moana Tutu Set

Moana-themed tutu set with Moana branded Converse sneakers. This is a perfect outfit for a birthday.

There are several customization options available. GET IT HERE.

20. The Tin Box Company Girls Moana Purse 

The Tin Box Company Girls Moana Purse

Cute purse for carrying trinkets and small toys. Equipped with a sturdy beaded handle. Recommended for kids over 3 years old. GET IT HERE.

Check out even more Moana gifts below. Have fun shopping for your little one!


More favorite character-themed gift ideas coming soon. If there’s any particular character you’re interested in, share in the comments section.

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