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How Do Etsy Gift Cards Work?

This article will be focusing on Etsy gift cards and everything you want to know about purchasing gift cards on Etsy.

This is part of the gift cards series, which I started a few weeks back. I will be covering different gift cards from different online retailers.

If you’ve got somebody on your list who’s impossible to shop for, Etsy gift cards might just be the way to go.

Gift cards are also a great way to support small businesses on Etsy during the quarantine period. #StandWithSmall

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What is Etsy?

For those who are unfamiliar, Etsy is a global online marketplace for unique, creative artisan goods.

You can find vintage pieces and handcrafted beauties on Etsy marketplace. It is a vibrant community that empowers artisans to do what they love.

Anyone can set up shop on Etsy as long as the items are unique and handmade. Etsy is a great place to turn your DIY passion into profit.

You learn more about buying and selling on Etsy and open a free account HERE

Can You Buy An Etsy Gift Card?

Yes, gift cards are available from Etsy in different denominations. You can choose to email the gift card to the recipient or print it out and give it in person.

You can view the different denominations HERE

How Do Etsy Gift Cards Work?

You need to login into your Etsy account. If you don’t have one, you can create a free account HERE

Once you’ve created an account, scroll to the bottom to look for the gift cards link and click. You can also go directly to the gift cards page HERE

You can choose from 14 different designs and 4 different denominations – USD 25, USD 50, USD 100, or USD 250. The currency can be changed to the euro, pound, Canadian dollar, or Australian dollar. 

Etsy gift cards can be emailed to your recipient within minutes or sent to you as a printable.

How Do Etsy Gift Cards Work?

How to Redeem Etsy Gift Cards

Email Gift Card

  • Open the email from Etsy and click on “Redeem Now,” which will take the recipient to the Etsy home page to sign in.
  • Once the recipient signs in, they can apply the gift card to their account and the funds will show as a balance.

Printed Gift Card

  • Sign in to your Etsy account and click the “Gift Cards” link at the bottom of any page.
  • Click on “Redeeming a gift card” and enter the 16 code on the printed gift card and click “Apply Now.”
  • The card amount will show up as a balance in your account.

To shop with gift cards, you need to filter for shops that accept Etsy gift cards. Most shops accept gift cards.

Look for “This shop accepts Etsy gift cards” in the overview section of the shop you choose.

Once you make a purchase, the balance is automatically applied when checking out.

If the balance isn’t applied when you check out, go back and check the shop accepts Etsy gift cards and credits.

You don’t have to use the entire balance at once. They will remain in your account until they expire.

Should you have any problems redeeming an Etsy gift card, their support team is very helpful. Just send over an email.

Do Etsy Gift Cards Expire?

Etsy cards usually expire within 48 months of purchase. The expiration date is included in the confirmation email or printable.

If you don’t redeem the gift card before the expiry date, you will lose the money, unfortunately. 

Do They Sell Etsy Gift Cards in Stores?

At the current time, Etsy gift cards can only be purchased on Etsy.

If you find them on sale somewhere else, it’s likely someone who received the card as a gift wants to unload it at a fraction of the real value.

As long as it hasn’t been redeemed already, this should be okay to buy and use with your Etsy account.

Can Etsy Gift Cards Be Used Internationally?

There are artisans from over 100 countries on Etsy and as long as you have an Etsy account, you can use an Etsy gift card with any store on the website irrespective of the artisan’s location. 

For more information on Etsy gift cards, head over to the Etsy website HERE.

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All your questions about Etsy Gift Cards answered

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.


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