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44+ Practical and Thoughtful Gifts for Beekeepers

These 44+ best gifts for beekeepers are compiled for all ages; newbies and veteran beekeepers alike and are practical and thoughtful. 

Beekeeping as a hobby can get expensive over time so a well-thought-out, practical and relevant gift is usually well appreciated. 

With the recommendations in this gift guide, you can stop worrying about what to get the beekeeper or bee enthusiast in your life!

Good Gifts for Beekeepers

Beekeeping Book Gifts

Beekeepers never really stop learning about the world of beekeeping and ways to improve their craft so a book would make a great gift.

Some of these books also help save time and money. Here are the top 10 books for beginner and experienced beekeepers:-

You can also gift a subscription to Bee Culture Magazine which covers all issues relevant to beekeepers and their craft or American Bee Journal.  

And for beekeepers who want to start crafting from their beeswax and honey, Beeswax Alchemy and Beehive Alchemy cover great recipes for candles, lip balms, body scrubs, and more. 

Gadget Gifts for Beekeepers

  • Thermal cameras are a great tool for beekeepers. They can use it to monitor the hive activity without needing to open up the hive so much. Flir One is one of the best thermal cameras for beekeepers.  
  • Beekeepers need a weighing scale to track the health of the hive and get an idea of honey content in the hive. SolutionBee scale is the recommended scale for beekeepers. 

Beekeeping Tools and Accessories Gift Ideas 

Beekeepers always appreciate tools that make their hobby a little easier and faster to facilitate.


Bee Themed Gifts for Beekeepers

The gift ideas in this section also work for someone who just loves bees but isn’t necessarily a beekeeper. 

Bee-themed t-shirts are always fun for beekeepers. Some fun ones include:-

You can bet a beekeeper would love one or more of these bee-themed bags and/or purses. They are elegantly bespoken with a bee motif without overwhelming the overall design. 

Bee themed phone grips are small but make an elegant statement on the back of any smartphone. 

These are swappable so you can buy a few as gifts for the same person. 

For even more personalized gifts for beekeepers and bee lovers, check out this curated beekeeper gift list on Etsy.

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