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23 Unique Gifts for Foodies

These 23 unique gifts for foodies are creative and thoughtful and work for almost any occasion. 

Everyone who loves to eat or cook always appreciates a thoughtful gift that speaks to what they’re passionate about.

Without a doubt, the way to a foodie’s heart is definitely through his/her stomach. 

When you can’t figure out what to get the foodie in your life, look no further than these 23 unique gift ideas that work for all occasions. 

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23 Beautiful and Unique Gifts for Foodies 

1. AeroPress Coffee Maker

food gifts, AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress Coffee Maker uses total immersion and gentle pressure to produce coffee with extraordinarily rich flavor.

Fast, convenient, and makes up to 4 cups of coffee or 2 mugs of espresso in one go. Check out the AeroPress Coffee Maker HERE.

2. Avocado Huggers

Food gifts, Avocado Huggers by Food Huggers

A set of 2 BPA-free silicone avocado savers. These customized huggers help preserve avocados and keep them fresher for longer.

It comes in two sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large avocados. Check out the avocado huggers HERE.

3. Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Food gifts, Betty Crocker Stovetop Pizza Maker

Sometimes, a foodie has a hankering for pizza but going out for it isn’t always an option. It’s also nice to control the ingredients going into the pizza.

Not just for pizzas; this nifty device can also be used to make quesadillas, nachos, mini frittatas, quiches, and much more. Check out the pizza maker HERE.

4. Calivirgin Olive Oil Sampler Set

Food gifts, Calivirgin Olive Oil Sampler Set

This olive oil sampler set includes five bottles of olive oil featuring premium extra virgin olive oil, lemon, garlic, and basil plus barrel-aged balsamic vinegar.

The olive oil sampler set comes packed in a gorgeous black box. Check out the olive oil sampler set HERE.

5. Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening 6-piece Knife Block Set

Food gifts, Calphalon Classic Self-sharpening 6-piece Knife Block Set

This knife block set includes 6 pieces with built-in ceramic sharpeners that automatically sharpen knives after every use.

The set includes a full lifetime warranty. Check out the self-sharpening knife block set HERE.

6. Carry On Cocktail Kit

Food gifts, Carry On Cocktail Kit

This fantastic gift set includes 6 carry on cocktail kits with enough ingredients to make two cocktails per set. Ideal for someone who also gets nervous when flying.

The cocktails include old-fashioned, Moscow mule, gin and tonic, bloody Mary, hot toddy, and champagne cocktail. You may just want to buy one for yourself as well. Check it the carry on cocktail set HERE.

7. Click & Grow Smart Garden

Food gifts, Click & Grow Smart Garden

For the foodie that can’t figure out how to keep small plants alive indoors comes an indoor garden that provides favorite herbs all year round.

Choose from over 40 fresh herbs and fruits with pre-seeded plant capsules. The smart garden comes in beige, grey, and white. Check it out HERE.

8. Crown Bourbon Barrel-Aged Organic Maple Syrup

Food gifts, Crown Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Organic Maple Syrup

An artisan maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels. Can be used to enhance the taste of beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

The artisan maple syrup can also be drizzled over fresh fruit, ice cream, and smoothies, and used in cooking. Gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. Check out the barrel-aged organic maple syrup HERE.

9. Dash Compact Air Fryer

Food gifts, Dash Compact Air Fryer

This air dryer is so pretty, a foodie may just want to stare at it instead of cooking with it. It’s compact to save on countertop space in the kitchen.

The air dryer also includes a cookbook with 15 recipes and is available in black, white, and red. Check it out HERE.

10. Farm Steady Everything Bagel and Cream Cheese Making Kit

Food gifts, Farm Steady Everything Bagel and Cream Cheese Making Kit

The everything bagel kit contains everything needed to make a dozen everything bagels from scratch for breakfast, or just because.

The kit contains baking mix, baking yeast, malt powder, vegetable rennet, cheesecloth, and that special Everything Bagel Spice. Check out the kit HERE.

11. Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Cooker

Foodie gift ideas, Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Cooker

Most foodies should already have an Instant Pot in their lives but just in case your foodie doesn’t, you should definitely think of getting it as a gift.

I’m not a foodie and I love my Instant Pot and Slow Cooker to pieces. The Instant Pot comes in different sizes to accommodate cooking for small or large families. Check it out HERE.

12. I Know I’m Extra Funny Avocado T-Shirt

Food gifts, I Know I'm Extra Funny Avocado T-Shirt

What’s not to love about this hilarious avocado t-shirt for the avocado lover that’s super extra in your life.

Classic fit, machine washable and comes in different colors. Check out the fun avocado t-shirt HERE.

13. Jacobsen Salt Co. Gift Set

Foodie gift ideas, Jacobsen Salt Co. Gift Set

This gift set includes 6 flavored salts including lemon zest, vanilla bean, pinot noir, Oregon cherry wood smoked, and smoked ghost chili.

Gourmet infused salt that is sure to elevate the taste of even the most basic dishes. Check out the Jacobsen Salt Co. set HERE.

14. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Cocette

Foodie gift ideas, Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Pot

This enameled cast iron pot is the stuff foodie dreams are made of. With a heavy tight-fitting lid and heatproof lid, it can be used for oven or stovetop cooking.

In a lovely red color and endearing heart shape, the recipient is sure to remember you every time they whip it out to cook a meal. Check out the enameled cast iron pot HERE.

15. Olympia Provisions 6-Stem Salami Bouquet

Foodie gift ideas, Olympia Provisions 6-Stem Salami Bouquet

This delightful bouquet is stuffed with six types of natural, slow-cured salami. Sure to lighten up any cheese and wine night. Check it out HERE.

16. Paella Gift Set with Spanish Delicacies

Foodie gift ideas, Paella Gift Set with Spanish Delicacies

This gift set contains gourmet paella ingredients from Spain, which include a chef-quality paella pan and an amazing paella recipe. Check it out HERE.

17. Runamok Maple Gift Box of 4

Foodie gift ideas, Runamok Maple Gift Box of 4

Gift box set of barrel-aged and infused maple syrups – rye whiskey, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla, and elderberry infused.

The set comes in an elegant gift box and makes a perfect gift for not just foodies but also co-workers. Check out the Runamok Maple Gift Set HERE.

18. Set of Four Wood Burned Spoons (with puns)

Foodie gift ideas, Set of Four Wood Burned Spoons (with puns)

These handmade wood-burned spoons are engraved with delightful puns. 2 spoons and 2 spatulas. Perfect for the holidays. Original design and different lengths. Check it out HERE.

19. Urbani Truffles Professional Truffle Slicer

Foodie gift ideas, Urbani Truffles Professional Truffle Slicer

This fancy truffle slicer shaves and slices truffles to perfection. Comes with adjustable blades to get the exact cut preferred.

The fancy truffle slicer can also be used to slice chocolate, cheese, mushrooms, and other veggies. Great way to fancy up any dish. Check it out HERE.

20. Zenware Natural Himalayan Block Cooking Salt Plate & Holder Set

Foodie gift ideas, Zenware Natural Himalayan Block Cooking Salt Plate & Holder Set

This cooking plate can enhance the taste of dishes with the naturally delicious taste of Himalayan salt. It can be used on the stovetop or grill.

Easy cleanup and the plate comes with usage and cleaning instructions. Check out the Himalayan Salt Cooking Block HERE.

21. Reusable Vegan Food Wraps Variety Pack


Khala Cloths put a modern and vegan twist on these plant-based reusable food wraps.

Made cotton-hemp fabric and infused with soy wax, jojoba and coconut oil, and tree resin. The variety pack consists of 4 wraps. Learn more HERE.

22. Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven


Every foodie needs at least one Dutch oven in their stash and this enameled cast iron Dutch Oven is a perfect addition. 

The Dutch oven does everything and tolerates heat up to 500 degrees. 6 quart and features a stainless steel knob and sturdy loop. Learn more HERE.

23. Guacamole Molcajete and Tortilla Basket


This Guacamole Molcajete and Tortilla Basket will look lovely on any dining table. 

The molcajete is made from volcanic stone while the colorful basket is durable. Learn more HERE.

Hope you were able to settle on something for the foodie in your life in this gift guide. Happy Shopping! 🙂

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