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DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Want to try something a little different this Valentine’s Day and you’re keen on DIY? Check out these unique DIY valentine’s day gifts for him or her. 

These homemade crafts are easy to make and assemble and is sure to please that special person in your life.

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13 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Colored Candy Cane Lollipops

Colored Candy Cane Lollipops

Get the recipe for these colored candy cane lollipops from Mission to Save

2. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Chocolate Bar Gift Vase

Chocolate Bar Gift Vase, valentine's day gift

Get the instructions for this chocolate bar gift vase form Crafty Little Gnome.

3. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Conversation Hearts Bath Salts

Conversation Hearts Valentine’s Day Bath Salts

Get the recipe for these bath salts from Shrimp Salad Circus.

4. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Conversation Hearts Bath Bombs

DIY Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Bath Bombs

Get the recipe for these bath bombs from Shrimp Salad Circus.

5. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Lollipop Bouquet

lollipop bouquet, valentine's day giy gifts

Get the instructions for this cute lollipop bouquet from Crafty Little Gnome

6. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Man Tool Bouquet

Man Tool Bouquet, DIY valentine's day gifts

Man tool bouquet mixed in with a little bit of sweetness. Get the instructions for this gift from Diana Rambles.

7. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Mini Candy Boxes & Printable Gift Tags

Valentine’s Day Mini Candy Boxes & Printable Gift Tags

Mini candy boxes with gorgeous printable gift tags. See how to put this together on Small Stuff Counts

8. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Popcorn Boxes and Printable Gift Tags

Valentine Popcorn Boxes and Printable Valentine Gift Tags

Something to go with romantic movies. See how to put together these valentine popcorn boxes on Small Stuff Counts

9. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – DIY Photo Books

Valentine’s Day DIY Photo Books

See how to make these valentine photo books on Parenting in Progress

10. DIY valentine’s Day Gifts – Rhinestone Makeup Bag

Rhinestone Makeup Bag, valentine's day diy gifts

Pretty and cute rhinestone make up bag, which can also be used to store other things. Get the instructions from Shrimp Salad Circus.

11. DIY valentine’s Day Gifts – Rose Vanilla Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Soap Cubes

Rose Vanilla Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Soap Cubes

See the recipe for these heart-shaped rose pink sugar scrub soap cubes on Our Wabisabi Life

12. DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Flower Pot Craft

Valentine’s Day Flower Pot Craft

See how to put together this flower pot craft on Our Wabisabi Life

13. DIY valentine’s Day Gifts – Printable Love Letter

Valentine’s Day Printable Love Letter

A valentine’s day love letter printable. Can be framed as well. Download the printable on My Heavenly Recipes. 

I hope you have lots of fun creating one or more of these gifts for your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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