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23 Hot Cocoa Bombs Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

 If you’re looking for the perfect treat for the loved one in your life this Valentine’s Day, look no further than these hot cocoa bombs.

These cocoa bombs work for a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or any other special someone in your life.

Cocoa bombs treat is a gift that delivers a magical surprise when combined with a glass of hot milk.

Cocoa bombs work as a gift for most types of relationships and the curated Valentine’s Day selection in this gift guide is extra special.

Most of these valentine’s day hot cocoa bombs gift ideas retail for under $50 so there’s something for every budget.

Best Cocoa Bombs to Give as Valentine’s Day Gifts

What Are Cocoa Bombs?

Cocoa bombs are a new sensation, which exploded last year after being featured on TikTok.

Cocoa bombs are a ball of chocolate filled with goodies like hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows.

When the cocoa bomb is covered with a cup of hot milk, it explodes into a fusion of flavor, color, and creativity.

You can DIY cocoa bombs or you can order ready to make Valentine’s Day cocoa bombs.

There are DIY kit options included in the cocoa bombs gift ideas shared below as well.

Order Valentine’s Day Cocoa Bombs Early

Remember, we’re in quarantine and things take a little bit longer to get to everyone now.

Even if the vendor ships your order on time, once it enters the system, there’s no telling how long it will take to ship.

Great idea to order your valentine’s day cocoa bombs earlier rather than later.

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Best Cocoa Bombs to Give as Valentine’s Day Gifts

23. Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipe Book 

Hot Cocoa Bombs- Fall Favorites

Hot Cocoa Bombs is a heartwarming collection of cocoa bombs recipes you and your special someone can indulge in for Valentine’s Day.

Hot cocoa bomb flavors include magical butterscotch, pumpkin spice, salted caramel, and tuxedo. GET IT HERE.

22. Large Hot Chocolate Bomb 

Large Hot Cocoa Bomb

This hot cocoa bomb gift is a wonderful treat available in singles, 4 pack, or 6 pack.

Flavors available include basic cocoa, floral white cocoa, minter wonderland, mochalicious, salt your caramel, and the milky way. GET IT HERE.

21. DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb Kit 

DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb Kit

This creative hot cocoa bomb kit includes everything you need to create your cocoa bomb gifts at home.

Create up to 6 cocoa bombs with this kit with flavors such as mint and salted caramel chocolate. GET IT HERE.

For gift wrapping ideas after making these chocolate bombs, check out DIY Hot Cocoa Bombs

20. Hot Chocolate Bomb Heart 

Hot chocolate bomb heart

This adorable Valentine’s day hot cocoa bomb heart comes with loads of love and is sure to blow your loved one’s mind.

It’s available in 2 styles and 7 delicious flavors such as chocolate mint, coffee bomb, smores, and rolo. GET IT HERE.

19. Hot Chocolate Bombs Set 

Hot Chocolate Bombs Set

Wow your loved one with this set of 4 hot cocoa bombs decorated with sprinkles and chocolate bits.

The cocoa bomb is also available as 8, 12, or 16 pack cocoa bombs. Shipped in a ready-to-gift box. GET IT HERE.

18. 3 Pack Hot Chocolate Bomb

3 Pack Hot Chocolate Bomb

A decadent trio of hot cocoa bombs made out of luxury Belgian chocolate and wrapped in colorful paper. GET IT HERE.

17. Gourmet Chocolate Cocoa Bombs 

Gourmet Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

This cocoa bomb gift pack comes with 3 large gourmet Belgian chocolates but can be customized with more cocoa bombs if you like.

It ships in a ready to gift box and is also available made with alcohol-infused truffles. GET IT HERE.

16. Thoughtfully Gifts Hot Chocolate Bombs 

Thoughtfully Gifts Hot Chocolate Bombs

Thoughtfully Gifts Hot Chocolate Bombs includes 4 pieces of flavored bombs filled with marshmallows.

Flavors include fudge brownie and caramel candy. This cocoa bomb gift comes ready to gift wrap. GET IT HERE.

15. Strawberry Hot Cocoa Bombs

Strawberry Hot cocoa bombs

Unlike most hot cocoa bombs, this cocoa bomb has a strawberry shell and is topped with strawberry beads and chocolate drizzle.

This is guaranteed to make Valentine’s Day sweeter than you ever expected. Order in multiples to package for gifting. GET IT HERE.

14. Unicorn Themed Hot Chocolate Bomb 

Unicorn themed hot chocolate bomb

If your loved one is your very own one of a kind unicorn, they will love this unicorn hot cocoa bomb.

Decorated like a unicorn and filled with fun Lucky Charm marshmallows. GET IT HERE.

13. 1 Dozen Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs 

1 Dozen Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs

Simple and elegant hot cocoa bombs set contains 1 dozen cocoa bombs. You can mix and match with white, dark, and milk chocolate. GET IT HERE.

12. Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Heart Bombs 

Valentines Hot Chocolate Heart Bombs

These gourmet cocoa bombs are filled with Stephen’s gourmet hot cocoa mix.

It comes in 3 flavors – milk chocolate, dark chocolate raspberry and cookies, and cream. GET IT HERE.

11. Personalized Valentine Hot Cocoa Bomb Set 

Personalized Valentine Hot Cocoa Bomb Set

This valentine’s day hot cocoa bomb is paired with a personalized mug available in 3 designs.

The mug and cocoa bomb are individually wrapped then packaged as a gift set to ship. GET IT HERE.

10. Valentine’s Day Strawberry or Chocolate Bomb 

Valentine's Day Strawberry or Chocolate Bomb

How sweet is this heart-shaped strawberry chocolate bomb? It is also available in classic round shape.

The flavors can be customized – 6 available – can be strawberry shell or classic chocolate shell.

The cocoa bombs are individually packaged and comes with a cute plastic spoon. GET IT HERE.

9. Valentine’s Day Red Heart Hot Cocoa Bomb 

Valentine's Day Strawberry or Chocolate Bomb

Single strawberries and cream red heart hot cocoa bomb shipped in a heart-shaped box. GET IT HERE.

8. Valentine’s Day Strawberry Hot Chocolate Bomb 

Valentine's Day Strawberry or Chocolate Bomb

Deluxe pack of strawberry cocoa bombs filled with an explosion of flavor and topped with dried strawberry pieces and sprinkles.

The set is also gluten-free. Available in 2, 4, or 6 pack plus dark and white chocolate flavor. GET IT HERE.

7. Valentine Cocoa Bombs 

Valentine Cocoa Bomb

Get ready to turn up the heat on Valentine’s evening with this adorable Valentine cocoa bomb.

Shipped in a large ready to gift decorative box. GET IT HERE.

6. Red Velvet Hot Cocoa Bombs 

Red Velvet Hot Cocoa Bomb

Make his or her heart sing, “Mi amour” with the red velvet hot cocoa bomb set.

It’s available in various sizes and designs plus order in 2, 4, 6 or 12 pack. GET IT HERE.

5. Be Mine Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Bombs 

Be Mine Valentine's Hot Chocolate Bombs

Melt your loved one’s heart with these “Be Mine” hot cocoa bombs in various designs.

Available in singles, 4, 6, and 12 pack shipped in a sectioned box and finished with a ribbon and gift tag. GET IT HERE.

4. Cupid Valentine Hot Cocoa Bombs 

Cupid Valentine Hot cocoa bombs pack

Cupid takes aim with this gorgeous Valentine Hot cocoa bomb set. Available in 3 designs – drizzle + sprinkles, swirl + glitter, and red glittered heart.

You cannot go wrong with these cocoa bomb gift. Buy one or all 3. GET IT HERE.

3. Valentine Cocoa Bombs Set 

Valentine Cocoa Bombs Set

This Valentine’s Day Cocoa Bombs set comes with 4 cocoa bombs made with Mencken’s chocolate and Ghirardelli cocoa.

Available in 7 flavors include s’mores, gold classic, heart classic, and red hot lover. GET IT HERE.

2. Decadent Valentine’s Day Heart Cocoa Bombs 

Decadent Valentine's Day Heart Cocoa Bombs

Romantic heart-shaped Valentine’s Day large cocoa bomb made with real chocolate.

The gift contains 2 cocoa bombs and can be personalized with a little message. GET IT HERE.

1. Ultimate Valentine Cocoa Bomb Box 

Ultimate Valentine Cocoa Bomb Box

This is the ultimate Valentine’s Day cocoa bomb box presented in a lovely box.

It includes 3 heart-shaped cocoa bombs and 1large heart-shaped chocolate filled with Hershey kisses.

It also includes a cute mallet to smash the heart and get to the kisses. Are you saying yum already? Free US shipping. GET IT HERE.

For even more valentine’s day cocoa bombs gift ideas, have a look at Etsy’s exclusive handmade selection

Valentine’s Day Cocoa Bomb Gifts Round-up

Below is a round-up of all the cocoa bomb gifts recommended in this article for easy reference:-


Hot Cocoa Bombs Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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