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25 Plus World Chocolate Day Gifts

I’m adding even more chocolate gifts for Wold Chocolate Day for the chocoholic in your life in this gift guide.

Yes, the day created for chocoholics around the world is almost here! I never need any excuses to eat chocolate but on July 7, I go out of my way to gouge myself.

What is World Chocolate Day?

Before I jump into the gift guide, a little about the history of World Chocolate Day, which is also referred to as International Chocolate Day.

World Chocolate Day is a day set aside for appreciating chocolate, the fine art of the chocolatier and to consume ginormous amounts of chocolate.

When is World Chocolate Day?

World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7 every year. In the United States, National Chocolate Day is celebrated on October 28. Other chocolate-themed days around the world include:-

  • Ghana – Chocolate Day, Feb 14. Ghana is the second largest producer of Cocoa in the world.
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Day – Jan 10
  • Milk Chocolate Day – Jul 28
  • White Chocolate Day – Sept 22
  • Chocolate Covered Anything Day – Dec 16

If you’ve got a chocoholic in your life, July 7 is the day to score some points with him or her. So, what’s the best gift for chocolate day?

I created a gift guide for chocoholics earlier at 18 Irresistible Gift Ideas for Chocolate Lovers.

World Chocolate Day Gifts

Most of the chocolate gifts below are handmade and offer various options for customisation.

These chocolate gifts also work for other occasions and not just World Chocolate Day.

1. Carolina Reaper Dark Chocolate

High-quality dark chocolate infused with a cultivar of chilli pepper that’s the hottest in the world.

This is sure to spice up the world of any chocoholic. Each box contains 8 pieces of chocolate. Spice it up HERE.

2. Chocolate Tools for the Handyman

Chocolates made in the shape of tools like wrenches, hammers, etc. This is perfect for the chocoholic handyman.

The chocolate tools are made in actual sizes too. Buy one or more tool sets HERE.

3. Chocolate Manicure Set

Edible manicure set containing all the tools for a home manicure. The manicure set can be customised with a name and message. Buy it HERE.

4. Chocolate Motorbike Gift

This is perfect for a motorbike aficionado. Each box comes with 3 very detailed Belgian chocolate motorbikes.

The colours and message can be customised. This can also be a gift for a birthday or an anniversary. Buy it HERE.

5. Chocolate Avocado

Handcrafted from white Belgian chocolate with a milk chocolate heart in the centre.

The faux avocado comes in two halves so there’s no need to cut it open. As a chocoholic, I’d admire this for a good bit before chomping on it.

Perfect for the chocoholic who’s all about avocados. Delivered in a gorgeous box too. Buy it HERE.

6. Chocolate Celebration Bottle And Strawberries

Very beautiful and elegant chocolate gift. The prosecco bottle and 6 strawberries are made out of white chocolate and decorated with edible golden glitter.

This one is gonna be hard to devour. Buy the chocolate prosecco and strawberries HERE.

7. Chocolate Vinyl Record And Cassette 

Listen, if your mum and/or dad are chocoholics, buy this for them immediately. This is such a cool vintage gift.

A cassette and vinyl record made out of white and dark chocolate. Can be personalized with some messages as well. Buy the chocolate record and cassette HERE.

8. Mystery Chocolate Subscription Box

Mystery Chocolate Subscription Box

3 premium gourmet bars of chocolate bars shipped every month with this chocolate subscription box.

The gun part is each month is a mystery but lots of games to try and guess the flavors plus the company gives to charity for every box sold.

You can subscribe to the Mystery Chocolate Box HERE.

9. Heart Chocolate Gift

These letters are filled with pink foiled, chocolate hearts, and balls. You can spell out just the initials or the whole name.

The box colors can also be customized. You can request additional customization as well. Buy it HERE.

10. Hot Chocolate Bombes

My mouth is watering just looking at this delightful gift. Each bombe is stuffed with mini marshmallows.

Sure to create an explosion of pleasure when mixed in with hot water.

Each pack comes with 3 hot bombes. Buy one for yourself too just in case. Buy it HERE.

11. Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles

A chocolate gift doesn’t get any simpler and more scrumptious than a box of every chocoholic’s favourite – Lindt.

This delightful red box contains 60 milk chocolate truffles that will last for quite some time.

Buy the Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles HERE. Also available in 120 truffles HERE

12. Lindt Lindor Assorted Chocolate Gourmet Truffles

Another Lindt gift box but this one contains assorted gourmet truffles providing a surprise in every bite. Buy the assorted chocolate gourmet truffles HERE.

13. Love Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This list wouldn’t be complete without the classic chocolate-covered fruit. These fresh strawberries are hand-dipped.

Featuring dark, milk and pink-tinted white chocolate, and decorated with chocolate drizzle and heart sprinkles.

Each box comes with 12 strawberries. Buy the chocolate covered strawberries HERE.

You can get a vegan and gluten-free chocolate-covered strawberries version HERE.

14. Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Truffle Box

Another staple chocoholic favourite. This 6 piece box may be small but each bite packs a punch of flavour appreciated by chocoholics everywhere.

Flavours include tiramisu, red velvet cake, creme brulee and chocolate souffle. Yummy! Buy this chocolate truffle box HERE.

15. Miniature Chocolate Books

As a bookworm, I would love this as a gift on World Chocolate Day. The gift is a selection of miniature chocolate books handmade from white and milk Belgian chocolate. The box contains 8 chocolate books. Buy it HERE.

16. Mini Nutella Jars

Personalised mini jars filled with Nutella. Need I say more? Though created for baby showers, it still makes a perfect gift for a chocoholic.

You can change the ribbon colours and the message. Buy the mini Nutella jars HERE.

17. Novelty Chocolate Burger

It’s a burger but also chocolate. Handmade with Belgian chocolate and edible good paints.

This 8 piece novelty burger is all chocolate and comes in a burger box to complete the ensemble.

Even veggie hating chocoholics will sign up for this novelty gift. Buy it HERE.

18. Novelty Chocolate Smartphone

Great things come in little sizes. This chocolate smartphone measures 11.3 cm x 5.5 cm. It comes in a realistic looking smartphone box too. Buy it HERE.

19. Oh Nuts Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket

OMG! Does this make you want to bite your screen or what? This gift basket contains 18 artfully decorated biscotti cookies.

Some of the toppings include nut brittle, caramel chocolate chips, white candy crunch and dark chocolate chips. Buy the biscotti cookie gift basket HERE.

20. Pink Designer Chocolate Handbag

Novelty chocolate gift – a pink designer handbag made out of white chocolate. Available in two colours.

You can buy one but the chocoholic bag lover would love both of them. Check out this novelty chocolate handbags HERE.

21. Supreme Belgian Chocolate Covered Gift Tower

This gift box is indeed a supreme tower. This tower contains chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered marshmallows, pretzel barks and dark chocolate barks.

It’s delivered in an elegant box, which can be personalised. Buy the supreme chocolate tower HERE.

22. Red Roses Chocolate Bouquet

Elegant chocolate roses wrapped in foil and displayed in a gold box. The foil colour can be customised. Buy the red roses chocolate bouquet HERE.

23. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

So this isn’t edible but trust me, any chocoholic would love this 40th-anniversary edition of the hilarious chocolate movie.

If the chocoholic you have in mind is missing this from his or her collection, this would make a perfect gift. Buy the DVD HERE.

24. Chocolate Covered Nuts Gift Basket

A ginormous selection of dark chocolate almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cranberries and cashews.

It will take a while to work through this but every second should be a delight. Buy the chocolate covered nuts gift basket HERE.

25. Chocolate Covered Blueberries

In a world where chocolate covered strawberries is the star, this gift manages to hold its own.

The blueberries are dried then smothered in rich dark chocolate. Suitable for vegans as well. Buy the chocolate covered blueberries gift box HERE.

26. Barnett’s Chocolate Cookies Gift Basket

A dozen sandwich cookies covered in decadent chocolate flavours and finished off with assorted toppings. Perfect for almost any occasion.

Non-dairy and suitable for lactose-intolerant people. Buy the chocolate cookies gift basket HERE.

27. Saratoga Olive Oil Company Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar

Yes! A delicate balsamic vinegar infused with three different chocolates. Perfect for pairing with desserts.

This would be very interesting to include in a marinade as well. Buy the dark chocolate balsamic vinegar HERE.

28. Kalista Chocolate Infused Olive Oil

This chocolate infused olive oil sounds incredible. Every chocoholic would appreciate a bottle of this in their kitchen for baking and drizzling over salads.

This would pair well with a fruity balsamic vinegar. Buy the chocolate infused olive oil HERE.

29. Stonewall Kitchen Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

This sauce is a perfect balance of dark chocolate, sea salt and caramel. It can be paired with ice cream and fruits.

However, it’s perfectly acceptable to dip a spoon in it and finish it in one seating – chocoholic style. Buy the dark chocolate sea salt caramel sauce HERE.

Also available as bittersweet chocolate sauce HERE and chocolate peanut butter sauce HERE

30. Umami Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce

Umami Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce

Hot sauce handmade with chocolate habanero pepper, dried olives, porcini mushrooms, capers, wild kelp fronds, and hot, rich heat.

This will work on everything. Guaranteed! Buy the Umami Reserve chocolate hot sauce HERE.

I don’t know about you but putting this list together activated every last one of my taste buds so off to do some chocolate shopping now.

However, I hope you managed to find a suitable gift to bring a smile to a chocoholic’s face on World Chocolate Day!

Happy shopping!

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