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What Do You Get a Chocolate Lover?

What to get someone who loves chocolate? Hmmm, let’s see….? Chocolate. You get us chocolates.

Always get us chocolates. You can get us derivatives of or chocolate-themed gifts like these ones but yeah, chocolates.

I’ve curated a list of some of the best chocolate basket and boxes gift ideas below.

They all come wrapped in gorgeous baskets with great presentation and there’s one for every budget from under $50 to pulling out all the stops.

If you want a broader list of gift ideas for a chocolate lover, you can check out Chocolate-Themed Gift Ideas.

15 gorgeous chocolate gift basket ideas
15 Gorgeous Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas

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If you’re getting ready for the holidays and putting together your shopping lists, be sure to download the free digital gift idea organizers HERE.

A gift idea organizer is useful for staying on track and more importantly within budget.

15 Best Chocolate Gift Baskets

1. Chocolate Covered Oreos

A box of Oreo cookies smothered in Merkens chocolate. Each box contains 6 chocolate covered cookies drizzled with white, dark, or milk chocolate.

The box is finished off with a satin bow of your choice. Free shipping options available with this chocolate gift box. Check it out HERE.

2. Classic Chocolate Gourmet Gift Basket

A perfect gift for a chocoholic. It includes a decadent mix of chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate almonds, and caramel-filled chocolates delivered inside a keepsake basket. Check it out HERE.

3. Dallman Confection’s Exotic Chocolate Gift Basket

A small box delivering big taste in this gourmet gift which features a fine blend of exotic flavors and ingredients.

Some of these flavors include sea salt caramel, coconut curry, lemongrass and mint, strawberry balsamic, spicy sea salt, and ginger.

The gift box is available with 9, 16, or 25 pieces per box. Check it out HERE.

4. Deluxe Chocolate Indulgence Gift Basket

A very special chocolate gift basket filled with cashew toffee, English toffee, chocolate brownies, gourmet fudge, chocolate dipped pretzels, milk chocolate turtles, and dark chocolate peanut clusters.

Arrives packed in a gorgeous basket and nestled within layers of pink confetti. Check it out HERE.

5. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons

Sea salt caramel decadence truffles coated in rich dark chocolate and gold edible paint for a truly melt in your mouth experience.

The box contains 6 truffles and is decorated with a satin ribbon. Small in size but mighty on taste. Check it out HERE.

6. Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket

A basket featuring a wide array of Ghirardelli chocolates including caramel, salt, raspberry, and mint.

The chocolates are hand wrapped and come in a basket with a decorative bow. Check it out HERE.

7. GiftTree Encore Gourmet Gift Basket

This chocolate gift basket is for all occasions. It contains a massive collection of chocolates and other goodies such as Almond Roca, Ghirardelli, Lindt, and Pomegranate Chocolate.

It can be personalized with hand-tied ribbons and a note. They also have different options for other occasions. Check it out HERE.

8. Harvest Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

A chocolate truffle gift basket containing 6 flavors including pumpkin spice latte and caramelized white chocolate.

Each box contains 12 chocolate truffles and comes in a decorative box tied with a satin ribbon. Check it out HERE.

9. Holiday Chocolate Gift Basket

This reusable gift basket includes a range of chocolates, candy canes, and other smaller items for the holidays.

This special basket has two options and the packing material theme can be changed for kids, teens, or adults. Further customization options also available. Check it out HERE.

10. Kiss Me Chocolate Lips

This chocolate gift basket is just too cute and perfect as a romantic gift. It includes 2 large chocolate lips and foiled wrapped pucker-up lollipops.

The basket is made of woven wood with tags on the sides that say “kiss me.” The chocolates are nestled within red sizzle pack and tied with a ribbon. Check it out HERE.

11. Lindt Signature Chocolate Gift Basket

It’s loads and loads of Lindt chocolates in a basket. What else is left to say? The box comes wrapped in clear plastic and tied with a satin bow. Check it out HERE.

12. Maltesers Chocolate Gift Hamper

Maltesers are on every basic chocoholic list. They’re soft and gooey and comforting.

This handmade collection contains different sized boxes and bars of Maltesers including the classic reindeer.

It comes in a gift hamper and can be customized if you prefer. Worldwide shipping available. Check it out HERE.

13. Pamper Me Sweet Basket

This galvanized metal gift basket is filled with popular chocolate goodies as well as candles for a true pampering experience. Special requests can also be accommodated. Check it out HERE.

14. Rustic Holiday Gift Box

This one of a kind box contains not just chocolates but limited edition collectible tins and loads of items for the cold weather.

No assembly required and the box comes shrink wrapped with a bow. Check it out HERE.

15. Champagne & Truffles Wine Gift Basket

Champagne & Truffles Wine Gift Basket

This elegant chocolate gift basket is a combination of two awesome things and a little extra. 

Your choice of champagne or wine, truffles, cookies, wafers, and brownies. All shipped in a beautiful black and red gift basket. 

You can also personalize the basket with additional items. Check it out HERE

I hope reading this list was as mouthwatering for you as it was for me writing it. Enjoy putting a smile on a chocoholic’s face today!

What to get someone who loves chocolate

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.

Antoinette M

Thursday 15th of October 2020

So many great options. I love the sea salt caramel!


Friday 9th of October 2020

Great gifts for that chocoholic you know!