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Couple Gifts – 19 Best His & Hers Robes

When shopping for couple gifts, you can slice your work in half by buying a matching set of gifts and his and hers robes make great gifts for couples.

His and Hers robes are a practical and thoughtful gift idea for couples. They represent a shared experience and a unifying bond between them. 

Robes are comfortable and stylish and every couple would definitely love a matching set in their wardrobe.

Best of all, his and her robes make great gifts for couples of all ages. In this gift guide, we’ve curated 19 gorgeous his and hers robes for every occasion and budget. 

19 Best His & Hers Robes

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Bathrobe Gift Sets for Couples

The his and her robes curated in this gift guide work as a wedding gift, Christmas gift, or anniversary gift.

His and Hers Luxurious Robes

1. Customizable King & Queen Robes

Customizable King & Queen Robes

These luxurious King & Queen robes are made from 100% microfibre fleece and can be customized with Mr. And Mrs. and names.

The wraparound belt envelopes couples in a soft and luxurious cocoon. Available in navy blue/purple and white/black. BUY HERE

2. Egyptian Cotton Waffle Weave His & Hers Robes

Egyptian Cotton Waffle Weave His & Hers Robes

If you’ve stayed in luxury hotels before, you will remember the exquisite complimentary cotton robes. 

These robes are made of the highest quality Egyptian cotton with embroidered monograms. 

You can personalize the fonts, thread colors, and text, and the robes come in custom gift wrapping. BUY HERE.

3. His & Hers Velour Robes

His & Hers Velour Robes

Nail down your couple gifting list with these 100% cotton-based, 650 gsm velour robes. 

The personalization on the front features high-quality stitching in cursive writing. Available in grey, navy, and white. BUY HERE

4. King & Queen Satin Robe Set

King & Queen Satin Robe Set

These luxurious his & hers robe sets come with King and Queen and matching gold crowns embroidered on the back.

Made in a kimono style with premium satin charmeuse and feels as soft as silk. Sure to look stylish and elegant on any couple. BUY HERE

5. Turkish Cotton Terry Towelling His & Hers Robes

Turkish Cotton Terry Towelling His & Hers Robes

Couples can enjoy a comforting and relaxing time in these his and hers robes made out of super soft and high-quality Turkish cotton. 

The robes feature a shawl collar and colored velvet piping to finish off the elegant look. Available with grey, navy, and red piping. BUY HERE.  

6. Unisex Luxury Nautical Waffle Robe

Unisex Luxury Nautical Waffle Robe

This luxurious robe is made out of Turkish cotton in a breathable waffle design and embroidered with a simple nautical emblem.

The striped border piping adds an extra touch of elegance to the his and hers robes. Available in navy and white. BUY HERE.  

Monogrammed His and Hers Robes

Monogrammed his and her robes usually have the couple’s names, initials, or some other sentiment etched into the fabric. 

7. Monogrammed Turkish Plush Robe

Monogrammed Turkish Plush Robe

Crafted from the world’s finest Turkish cotton, this bathrobe has amazing absorbency and offers luxury, comfort, and warmth. 

You can personalize the text, font style, and thread color. You can also request further customization.

The monogrammed robe is available in white and light grey. BUY HERE.

8. Royalty Monogrammed Plush Bathrobe Set

Royalty Monogrammed Plush Bathrobe Set

This is the ultimate luxurious his and hers robe set. Crafted from 100% warm wellsoft polyester and embroidered with a metallic gold crown and laurel wreath.

Set within the wreath is a single initial of your choice to complete the touch of royalty on the robes. 

The monogrammed robes come in 6 color options and 2 crown styles. BUY HERE.

9. Monogrammed Couple Robes

Monogrammed Couple Robes

Couples can rock their personal style in these cozy his and hers robes crafted from soft, fluffy plush fabric. 

Personalize the robes with the couple’s names or initials in an embroidery color of your choice. Available in grey, navy, cream, purple and wine. BUY HERE.

10. His & Hers Satin Robes

His & Hers Satin Robes

These satin charmeuse blend robes are designed with a kimono style providing an easy and flowy fit. 

Personalize with the couple’s last names embroidered on the back. Over 50 embroidery colors to choose from. BUY HERE

11. Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Waffle Weave Robes

Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Waffle Weave Robes

These elegant robes are made of cotton and polyester woven waffle weave fabric.

Personalization with the couple’s last names is available in 10 colors with a tuxedo script font. BUY HERE.

12. AW Bridal Cotton Couples Waffle Robe Set

AW Bridal Cotton Couples Waffle Robe Set

This is a high-quality his and hers waffle robe set made of double-needle knitting and mercerizing pre-shrinking process. 

The set is comfortable and suitable to wear all year round! The robes are embroidered with a selection of words to choose from. BUY HERE.

13. Pretty Robes His and Hers Personalized Robes

Pretty Robes His and Hers Personalized Robes

These grid-styled robes are made from polycotton fabric and are wrinkle-resistant, soft, lightweight, and breathable.

There are multiple customization options on the front and back, text, font, and embroidery style. BUY HERE.

14. His and Her Personalized Robes

His and Her Personalized Robes

Luxury robes personalized with “His & Hers” in elegant cursive text and designed with thick shawl collars for added comfort.

The thick Terry cotton material of the robes also provides extra warmth. Available in navy, grey, and white. BUY HERE.

15. Personalized Mr & Mrs Robes

Personalized Mr & Mrs Robes

Handmade waffle weave robe set personalized with an embroidered 2-letter entwined monogram in your choice of thread colors.

This is a unique his and hers robe set that’s perfect for the spa, relaxing by the pool, or after the beach. BUY HERE.

16. Personalized Plush Couple Robes

Personalized Plush Couple Robes

These his and hers robes are giving designer vibes with a classic Greek key design and your choice of monogrammed initials.

The monogram thread color can be customized and you can also add some text to the back. Available in 6 colors. BUY HERE.

His and Hers Robes With Hoods 

His & Hers robes with hoods are cozy and comfortable for a relaxing time at home or at the spa. 

Whichever style you choose from the options below, it makes a practical and enjoyable gift for any couple.

17. Romance Helpers His & Hers Robes & Slippers Set

Romance Helpers His & Hers Robes & Slippers Set

This value pack matching robes and slippers set is sure to be a hit with your favorite couple.

The cotton set includes 2 pairs of his and hers robes with hoods and 2 matching pairs of slippers. BUY HERE.

18. Terry Cloth Long Hooded His & Hers Towel Robes

Terry Cloth Long Hooded His & Hers Towel Robes

These hooded robes are made from premium combed cotton robes which is a light-medium weight towel material ensuring these robes work for a variety of occasions.

The robes have Mr and Mrs etched in cursive text but can also be customized with an initial of your choice or some other text.

The robes are available in a wide variety of colors. BUY HERE.

19. Mr & Mrs Hooded Bathrobes

Mr. & Mrs. Hooded Bathrobes

Mr and Mrs hooded bathrobes are made from luxurious materials and customized to order in detailed vinyl. 

The his and hers set are available in 6 colours and you can add text to the back of the hooded robes too. BUY HERE.

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This post may contain affiliate links which means we will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.