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21 Christmas Gifts for Your Fancy Feline – Best Cat Gifts

Find something for your fancy feline with this roundup of the best cat gifts for Christmas.

A pet is pretty much a member of the family and deserves as many gifts as the rest of the family when the holidays come around.

Good news – a cat will love playing with the box and wrapping as much as he or she will enjoy the gift inside afterward. 

I’ve rounded up 21 of the best gifts you can get for your cat for the holidays so you won’t be stumped when it comes to the question of what to get your cat for Christmas.

21 gift ideas for your fancy feline for christmas

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What Should I Get My Cat for Christmas?

1. 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

A wall-mounted scratching post. A space-saving solution that can be mounted with hooks and replaced without any fuss.

The scratching post is made out of recycled cardboard and is sure to engage your feline for hours on end. See more about this scratching post HERE.

2. Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts

best cat gifts, Cat Tree Condo with Sisal Scratching Posts

This amazing cat condo looks like a mini castle. It includes 2 platform beds, look out windows, and a hideaway house.

The cat condo is covered in plush material and also includes a scratching post. It’s easy to assemble and will complement any room.

The condo comes in two different colors. See the various options and sizes of the Cat Tree Condo HERE.

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3. Cat Organic Catnip Crack

best cat gifts, Cat Organic Catnip Crack

Natural and organic catnip made with a proprietary herb blend guaranteed to make any cat happy for hours.

This gift pack contains 2 packs of catnip. See more about the Cat Organic Catnip Crack HERE.

4. CEESC Cat Track Ball Toy Set

best cat gifts, CEESC Cat Track Ball Toy Set

The dynamic and interactive toy set can be detached and combined to form different shapes for your cat to play with.

Examples of shapes possible include U shape, S shape, and full circle. The toy also has sections for the cat to try and catch the ball.

Anti-slip bottom design so it won’t damage the floor or slide around and cause injury. See more about this toy set HERE.

5. Christmas Cat Costume

best cat gifts, Christmas Cat Costume

This festive cat costume is just purrfect for your cat. The set includes a scarf and a cute little hat.

Available in 3 sizes to fit any cat and the scarf is adjustable. You’ll have a wonderful time taking loads of holiday pictures of your pet.

See more pictures and options for the Christmas Cat Costume HERE.

6. Crochet Cat Hat

best cat gifts, Crochet Cat Hat

Crotchet cat hat made with yarn and lots of love for your adorable cat. Your cat will fit right into all the festive celebrations with this lovely crochet hat.

The crotchet hat also has a cute pom pom on top. Handmade and available in two sizes. See more about the Christmas Crotchet Cat Hat HERE.

7. FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture

best cat gifts, FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture

Cat tree furniture including a soft plush hammock providing lots of comfort for your precious baby. 

Also includes scratching posts and an attached grooming brush. Perfect for rest, play and mucking about.

This cat furniture comes in 8 different colors including blue, cream, and brown. See more color options and the Pet Cat Furniture in action HERE.

8. Interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle Feeder for Cats

christmas cat gifts, Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

This is truly an amazing cat toy. Includes mentally stimulating games and puzzles. You can also stuff the toy with your cat’s favorite treats.

Encourages exercise, slower eating, weight loss, and meal management. This is the ultimate holiday gift for your cat. 

See more about the Interactive Treat Maze and Puzzle Feeder for Cats HERE.

9. Keter Knit Cozy Luxury Lounge Bed and Pet Home

christmas cat gifts, Keter Knit Cozy Luxury Lounge Bed & Pet Home

This is what every fancy feline deserves. The cat lounge and bed home contain 2 washable plush cushions. It comes in two different colors and can be purchased with or without a top cushion.

Durable, low maintenance, and water-resistant. See more about the Keter Knit Cozy Luxury Lounge Bed and Pet Home HERE.

10. little dove Pet Teepee House

christmas cat gifts, little dove Pet Teepee House

This gorgeous little teepee makes you want a human-sized version for your bedroom as well. 

The teepee fits effortlessly into most spaces. You can get it in four different colors too.

You can easily bring it camping with you too. See more about this adorable teepee house for cats HERE.

11. Novelty Catnip Doughnut

best cat gifts, Novelty Catnip Doughnut

Beautiful novelty catnip doughnuts. Each doughnut is stuffed with certified organic catnip.

There are 7 options available with each doughnut having a different kind of frosting.

These unique catnip doughnuts are made from eco-friendly materials and are also available catnip free. 

See different variations, colors, and options for the Novelty Catnip Doughnuts HERE.

12. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

christmas cat gifts, PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

A scratcher that also doubles as a lounge. Picture your cat dressed in the holiday cat costume recommended above and perched on this lounger for holiday snapshots?

Designed for maximum comfort for your cat and available in three different colors. See more about the Cat Scratcher Lounge HERE.

13. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

christmas cat gifts, Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

A delightful and colorful toy tower designed with three levels of tracks and three balls. The spinning balls are sure to keep your cat busy.

A non-slip base holds the tower in place as your cat plays so the fun is never-ending. 

The tower is available in green and orange. See more about the Tower of Tracks HERE.

14. Personalized Cat Pillow

christmas cat gifts, Personalized Cat Pillow

Personalize this adorable pillow with your cat’s picture and name. You can purchase the pillowcase only or the pillowcase with a pillow stuffed inside.

The pillow sequins come in rose gold, yellow gold, red sequins, and silver sequins. See more personalization options for this cat pillow HERE

15. Peteme Laser Pointer

christmas cat gifts, Peteme Laser Pointer

Interactive laser pointer with the goal of getting your cat to exercise and still have fun. 

Novel design customized with cat paws. Requires two AAA batteries. See more about the Laser Pointer HERE.

16. Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel

christmas cat gifts, Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel

A unique 4-way cat tunnel connected to provide any pet with maximum entertainment. 

Made of steel frame and tear-resistant polyester material, it will hold up to even the most vigorous cat play.

The cat tunnel is collapsible so you can easily move it around. It’s available in three different colors and sizes. 

See color and size options for the Purrfect Feline Cat Tunnel HERE

17. Smiling Paws Pets Unique 2-in-1 Cat Bed/Cat Condo

christmas cat gifts, Smiling Paws Pets Unique 2-in-1 Cat Bed:Cat Condo

A unique 2 in 1 device that doubles as a condo and a bed. Can be turned into a cave for a private retreat or an open-sided bed.

The faux-sherpa cushion in the cat condo is made of plush polyester fleece to maintain coolness in summer and warmth in winter.

Machine wash or spot clean. Easy to assemble. See more of the Unique 2-in-1 Cat Bed/Condo HERE.

18.Twin Critters – Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed

christmas cat gifts, Twin Critters - Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed

Large handcrafted cat cave that is reminiscent of the bat cave. A spacious hideaway your cat is sure to love.

Soft and durable, this cat cave can also be flattened and turned into a padded kitty mat. 

The bed features over 15 different designs and colors. See more on the Cat Cave Bed HERE.

19. Yellow and Grey Cat Sweater

christmas cat gifts, Yellow and grey cat sweater

This yellow and grey cat sweater is too cute for words. Handmade from 100% wool and available in different colors and sizes. See more about the Customized Cat Sweater HERE.

20. CWAY Cat Window Perch

best cat gifts, CWAY Cat Window Perch

This fancy window perch allows your fancy feline to rest while also enjoying the surrounding scenery.

The window perch is equipped with a PVC skeleton to strengthen the structure and includes powerful suction cups to withstand the weight of even large cats.

An independent napping post that won’t take up much space in a small apartment. See more about the specifications of the CWAY Cat Window Perch HERE.

21. PetDroid Boltz Hanging Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy

christmas cat gifts, PetDroid Boltz Hanging Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy

This laser cat toy is automatic. It can be hung anywhere via the strong suction cup. 

It moves randomly across the walls and floor to stimulate your cat but turns off automatically every 10 minutes to prevent overstimulation. 

The laser also includes a free cat toy. See more about the Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy HERE. 

I hope you found something suitable for your fancy feline on this comprehensive list.

More gift ideas for pets will be added in the future so be sure to sign up for the mailing list below. 

Happy Shopping! 🙂

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These are purrrfect, I have a few of these for my cat already, he is spoiled! nice ideas.