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Amazon Prime Day 2020 Hub

Amazon prime day 2020 announced

Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be held between Oct 13 – 14 this year. Besides Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is one of the biggest shopping festivals of the year.

Amazon Prime Day usually takes place in July every year but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Amazon had to postpone it this year to deal with the influx of orders for essential items.

A lot of people were also marooned at home due to the lockdown so orders for almost everything increased exponentially and Amazon Prime Day had to wait for a while. 

While Amazon Prime Day starts on Oct 13, you can start accessing early deals and checking out Prime day deals at the links below:-

Remember, the deals are only accessible to Prime Members. If you’re not a Prime Member, you can start a 30 free day trial now and take advantage of prime day for free. 

Some of the hottest and most popular early access deals going on right now include:-

Devices & Appliances

Kindle Devices

Amazon Music Unlimited

  • $0.99 for 4 months family plan with unlimited access to over 60 million songs ad-free including Amazon Kids+ – unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, games, and premium kid’s skills.

Amazon Smart Home

  • Save up to 30% on smart lights, plugs, robotic vacuums, and much more. 

Amazon Audible

Subscription Boxes

Kindle Unlimited

Prime Coupons



Amazon Fresh

Win $1,000 on Amazon Prime Day

Shop Amazon in Spanish

  • Customers can visit or use the Amazon App to shop and search for millions of products, read reviews, view carts, and place orders in Spanish. On the mobile App, customers can go to Settings and tap on “Country and Language” to select Spanish.  Amazon in Spanish gives customers the same shopping experience in their preferred language on any device.

Download Amazon App

  • Don’t forget you can also download the Amazon App to get the most out of Amazon Prime Day with instant notifications of deals and much more. The Amazon App is available on Android and IOS devices.

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