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23 Cute Christmas Desserts That Can Be Christmas Gifts

Cute Christmas desserts can also be used as delicious Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Not only are these cute Christmas desserts easy to make, but they are also very festive and perfect for the holidays.

If you are not looking to use the Christmas treats for gifts, these delicious treats can be served during holiday get-togethers.

From fun holiday cookies to Christmas themed treats, these cute Christmas desserts are perfect for the holidays.

Whether you are using them for holiday desserts or Christmas treats for gifts, these will be a holiday favorite!

23 Christmas treats you can give as gifts

Supplies for Gifting Christmas Desserts

When looking to gift Christmas desserts, there are certain types of supplies that make the packaging looking professional and gorgeous.

Below are some of the best supplies you should have on hand if you’re thinking of gifting Christmas desserts:-

  • Mason jars for cookies, balls, and tiny treats. These mason jars are great for gifting.
  • Paper gift boxes are ideal for packaging small gift desserts. The gift boxes below are versatile and very pretty. Plus you can see the gift through the transparent film.

Christmas desert gift boxes

Christmas Desserts Treat Boxes

Best Christmas desert gift boxes

Christmas Desserts Treat Boxes 

  • Ribbons are good for tying together gifts in cellophane paper. These budget-friendly ribbons work well for this purpose.
  • Seasonally themed tins are ideal for biscuits and smaller treats. Size depends on your budget and dessert plus they’re also reusable. These dessert tins are gorgeous for gifting.

Christmas Cookie Tins with Lids

Christmas Desserts Cookie Tins with Lids 

  • Christmas treat bags are quick and easy to use. Just place the gift in them and pull the drawstring. You can use these treat bags for bread, cookies, candy, bakery items, snacks, and much more. This gorgeous set contains 60 pieces of treat bags. 

Christmas Candy Treat Bags

Christmas Treat Bags for Gifting

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Cute DIY Christmas Dessert Gifts

Happy Holidays!

Best christmas treats for gifts

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